Media Players

ComQi sources and certifies small form-factor media players and customizes them to meet the needs of the Digital Signage market. Loaded with the EnGage player client software, these players are designed to deliver smooth video, background audio, and control the local infrastructure. A variety of networking options are available, including WiFi and cellular networking.

The Right Player For The Right Job

No one size fits all, so ComQi provides a broad range of media players to fit every deployment. Players are differentiated by number of video outputs, form factor, storage, price and specialized environmental requirements such as outdoor, industrial kitchens, and in-vehicle. ComQi has a full line of high quality media players, the ComQi RP (Remote Player) line. Additionally, we have a program in which third party hardware can be certified.

The following chart outlines ComQi’s range of media players as of June 2016. The marketplace moves quickly and ComQi’s product line is constantly evolving with new features and players. Choose the use cases and content support requirements for your digital signage network and match to the ComQi Media Player that best meets your project demands.

To learn more about these players, please read our white paper:

A Player for All Reasons.

Note: This is a summarized list of media players. A full list is available upon request.