Shoppers demand for convenience and product availability. Along with, personalized and contextualized interactions. This is quickly driving the merging of the digital and physical worlds. Bringing about an accelerated adoption of IoT technologies for which a central information and command & control hub is crucial.

Huge efficiencies can be gained with devices that collect, present and use real-time information to improve customer engagement and drive higher sales. Instead of pre-set messaging, smart connected screens can provide targeted messaging. Such as flash sales, real-time promotions and valuable up-to-the-minute information about products and their availability.

Based on decades of industry experience, ComQi understands our customer’s current and evolving needs. Through the EnGage Smart Hub innovations, we can deliver on our promise to add value. ComQi enables technology partners to rapidly extend new services to their customer without costly, time consuming integration projects.

To learn more about IoT in Retail, please read our white paper:

How IoT is Reinventing Retail


Who are your customers? How do they touch your brand? What is their customer journey? How do you create loyalty and optimally drive sales across all channels?

Smart answers to these questions can make the difference between your brand’s success or failure. Today, it’s not enough for a CMS to simply light up screens. Hence EnGage is designed to integrate its in-store shopper engagement data and analytics with world-class Omnichannel solutions. Delivering the big picture to our clients.

Simply put, One View of your Customer across all channels. Through our partnership with Darius Technologies and their Omnichannel shopper engagement platform, you can create, run and analyze marketing and promotional multi-channel campaigns that are targeted and measurable. 


ComQi’s highly scale-able and globally deployed content management and command & control platform. It can aggregate disparate sensor technologies, integrate with analytics providers on the cloud and streamline retailers operations with a single view of all customer touch-points. 

EnGage is designed with multiple points of extension and integration. On the server side, the data feed subsystem can pull data from a variety of sources, or have data pushed into it. A hybrid SOAP and REST API provide extensive means to command and control the system

The EnGage digital media player is a highly extensible and robust end-point. Built using Linux, these rugged, reliable devices act as data integration points, fetching data from other systems. Via the local player REST API, data and events can be published to the device in real-time. The player’s extensive scheduling and programming capabilities enable it to perform a broad range of playback and control functions within the store.