In-Store Customer Engagement Technologies and Products are a crucial part of today’s retail environments.

Customers want their shopping, dining and other in-venue interactions to be relevant and engaging experiences! An ideal brand experience is one that is personalized, fun and shareable across social media. Additionally, brands need to capture data around their on-site customers just as
they do online.

ComQi’s In-store Customer Engagement Products help retailers provide more opportunities for customers to engage with their brands at a physical location. While capturing data they need to enhance marketing and customer services. These solutions have been tested and deployed at many retail locations throughout the globe. They are as follows:


An in-venue photo experience that engages customers to surround their individual or group selfie with custom branded backgrounds and stickers.

TapNSnap allows your customers to interact with your retail environment like never before. Screens display user generated content – UGC that includes your brand, which can be shared within the store and across social media.

The TapNSnap screen shows a scrolling tiles of images—pictures taken by other users—and gives shoppers the opportunity to tap the screen and begin their own interactive experience. A second tap of the screen begins a 3-second countdown, after which their photo is snapped and immediately displayed on the screen. A collection of customized elements such as stickers, frames, and emojis, as well as customizable options such as location details, time, weather, store branding and promotion details can be added to their photo. Shoppers then have the choice to add their image to the scroll of tiles on the screen, or text the image to themselves for sharing on social media.

Like all EnGage products, TapNSnap maximizes consumer interactivity without privacy or data concerns. No personal data such as phone numbers and images are stored in EnGage. Even when opted in, all images displayed are periodically deleted.


Turn the mundane shopping trip into an memorable sensory experience. 

The tactile aspect of brick-and-mortar shopping is a store’s greatest advantage over buying online, but today’s shoppers expect more engaging, entertaining and informative retail experiences.

UpLift utilizes simple RIFD(radio-frequency identification) technology in conjunction with ComQi’s content management platform, EnGage. With UpLift, the simple act of lifting a product will trigger product-specific media such as visuals or information on a screen.

Uplift helps retailers maximize the unique properties of brick-and-mortar shopping, while delivering the same high level of responsiveness around product attributes and information experienced online.


Create dramatic in-store shopping experiences with the informational power of e-commerce.

Online customers have access to vast amounts of information: complete product inventories, carefully matched up-sell options and extensive customer reviews. To pique their interest in in-store shopping, retailers need to offer the same access to information in a fun, engaging, experiential environment.

CloudCast can help brick-and-mortar retailers combine the information-driven experience of online shopping with the engaging visual and tactile experience of physical shopping. CloudCast is a solution that uses ComQi’s content management platform, EnGage, to turn a shopper’s retail experience into a powerful visual journey.

With CloudCast, shoppers and sales associates can browse through your entire catalog via a tablet or interactive kiosk and add their favorites to a computer interactive mood board of curated products. The mood board can then be displayed on larger screens throughout the store. This dramatic visual presentation can be further populated with key features, customer reviews, expert recommendations and more. This allows customers to clearly envision how products can be matched and combined.

Dramatic, dazzling screen images, combined with peer-driven assessments, help drive consumer decision-making, resulting in increased conversion and sales.


Choreograph your in-store environment with a synchronized media panorama.

In-store customers are drawn to vibrant environments as well as brands that speak to them. A store-wide, multi-screen, immersive and synchronized digital moment delivers a powerful, brand-driven visual.

TakeOver empowers retailers to deliver individualized media experiences while still maintaining the ability to maximize their impact on customers with dramatic, coordinated messaging throughout a brick and mortar location.

The inter-player sync intelligence of ComQi’s EnGage CMS enables screen-unique content to be played and then—as if by magic—all displays synchronize with unified themed content.

TakeOver content can be triggered in many ways, for example:

  • Scheduled TakeOver: Digital canvas filled with beautiful autumn leaves cascading down while messaging Fall Savings.
  • Weather-Triggered TakeOver: Weather data feeds behind the scene can trigger TakeOver content, such as freezing temperatures promoting hot chocolate.
  • Event TakeOver: NASCAR #18 Kyle Bush takes the lead and screens change to a profile of the driver and real-time race performance stats.
  • Life-Safety/Emergency Messaging TakeOver: Immediate messaging in public spaces instructing how people should respond to a the situation.

IR Triggered Interactive Displays

Mannequin and window display do not need to be static elements in stores. With the use of IR frames we can make them interactive. Customers can then engage with these elements to learn more about the products, see its applications, and hopefully be inspired to buy them.