An in-venue photo experience that engages customers to surround their individual or group selfie with custom branded backgrounds and stickers.

TapNSnap allows your customers to interact with your retail environment like never before. Screens display user generated content – UGC that includes your brand, which can be shared within the store and across social media.

The TapNSnap screen shows a scrolling tiles of images—pictures taken by other users—and gives shoppers the opportunity to tap the screen and begin their own interactive experience. A second tap of the screen begins a 3-second countdown, after which their photo is snapped and immediately displayed on the screen. A collection of customized elements such as stickers, frames, and emojis, as well as customizable options such as location details, time, weather, store branding and promotion details can be added to their photo. Shoppers then have the choice to add their image to the scroll of tiles on the screen, or text the image to themselves for sharing on social media.

Like all EnGage products, TapNSnap maximizes consumer interactivity without privacy or data concerns. No personal data such as phone numbers and images are stored in EnGage. Even when opted in, all images displayed are periodically deleted.