Use Cases

The power of EnGage extends beyond its superior content playback capabilities to support consumer interaction in a wide range applications.

Interactive Kiosks

ComQi’s EnGage Media Player supports touch screens in multiple form factors from stand-alone touch screens with separate media players to all-in-one units such as tablets and shelf-edge displays. Interactive applications can be built using the EnGage HTML5 framework which accelerates the creation of applications while supplying access to local content and data, site configuration data, and the local player web services API.

The EnGage HTML5 framework provides full access to content, data, site configuration, events and peripherals on the EnGage player. In the consumer application shown below, for instance, EnGage is used as a CMS to provide bundles of content to an interactive applications. Thumbnails and descriptions can be are associated with media assets. Content can be assigned to a site using various association mechanisms accessed via web services, or published manually through the auxiliary zone feature of EnGage programs. The application is customized using player variables, and all access to content and data is made through the player’s HTML5 framework.

Specialized features such as content carousels, pop-ups, and virtual keyboards, make applications — such as product catalogues, endless aisle, wayfinding, employee HR, and Guest signs — easily delivered.

Video Walls

Powering large LCD, LED or Projector-based Video Walls is an easy out-of-the-box capability of the EnGage CMS platform. Video Walls are engaging installations for brand reinforcement, messaging and entertainment. EnGage can power video walls of up to twelve 1080p LCD screens from a single media player. The screens of a video wall can be arranged in a variety of layouts, including horizontal and vertical rectangles or strips. The video wall can run a single large zone the covers all of the screens, or divided into multiple zones of independent content playback. When multiple zones are employed, the player can be configured to periodically synchronize two or more zones of content. Video Walls, like other EnGage Player configurations, can also be synchronized with other media players to support whole store takeover and other spectacles.

Menu Boards

EnGage Menu enables users to quickly and easily create high quality digital menus, promo and price boards. The template driven system enables users to create a library of reusable menu items and to utilize them across a variety of different menus. EnGage Menus can integrate images, video and animation. Customers can select from a variety of pre-built menu templates or create their own.

The EnGage Menu system also features a powerful scheduling tool that enables the creation of menus that change based on the time of day, day of week, or within a specific date range.

EnGage’s technology features a full web-services API through which pricing and inventory can be adjusted on a per store basis to ensure that the right items are promoted at the right price. The data format stored for each menu item is customizable, enabling the creation of menus that feature, for instance, region-specific nutritional labelling.

Event Triggers

Think of all the activities and actions around your store or venue every day. The ComQi CMS platform makes it possible to serve content based on real-time listening to those events, from touching a screen or taping a phone to bringing in a data feed or changing the state of a store systems. Here are some of the amazing ways that EnGage is being used:

  • On-Demand Video Switching:
    When a fashion show in New York starts, or a new smart device gets launched in Las Vegas, some or all store screens can be scheduled to switch over to live video feeds from that event, and then switch back to regular programming on a schedule, or by using local controls like a web browser.
  • Bluetooth Smart Beacons:
    Small transmitters that can be fixed throughout retail environments or even built into displays and tablets are helping retailers drive contextual messaging to smart phones doing everything from encouraging those shoppers to check out new store items to providing them with targeted promotions.
  • Product Triggers:
    Sensors, readers and scanners are tied to media playback devices to provide on-demand deeper content to shoppers. In a handbag store, for example, lifting an item off the featured display shelf will activate a light or RFID sensor to instantly trigger content about that bag on an adjacent screen. A similar experience can be driven by scanning the bag’s barcode to get product information and look up pricing.
  • Data Triggers:
    Various data sources can help contextualize content and drive dramatic results. EnGage can “listen” to weather data, ePOS systems, inventory, event schedules, queuing systems, and any number of machine-to- machine inputs to change the content. Creating localized relevance of content can grab a viewers’ attention and shape a desired behavior.
  • Emergency Messaging:
    Store and facility systems can be steadily monitored, and if an alarm or other event is activated, specific content automatically takes over designated screens effectively directing shoppers and staff.

Whole Store Take-Over& Synchronized Playback

Digital displays around stores are easily programmed to run specific content by location within the store and time of day. But using the EnGage CMS, retailers can also drive sales promotions, brand launches and special greetings using Whole Store Takeover programming. Imagine the visual impact of every screen in a store magically switching to one or a series of related messages!

ComQi paved the way for inter-player synchronization, first deploying synchronized screens along the escalators of the London Underground in 2007. EnGage players within a local network can have their playback synchronized either all the time or periodically – to implement attention grabbing and memorable visual experiences.

EnGage Video On Demand

EnGage’s Video On Demand capability can be used to maximize your Digital Signage investment by storing, training, demonstrating and assessing other content on your media players on demand. It is an easy-to- use web based application that allows you to control your digital signage playlists from any location using your smartphone, PC, tablet and more. All you need is internet access and the VOD username and password for full control over your screen to play, pause, stop and switch from one playlist to another.

EnGage Music

EnGage Music provides a means by which you can leverage your Digital Signage investment to provide rights-cleared background audio simultaneously with your Digital Signage content using the same hardware. EnGage Music is a subscription service in which you select a mix of musical genres most appropriate to the location, configure it to change based on time of day and day of week, and let the EnGage media player create an audio mix to create the perfect ambiance.