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Choosing the right digital signage media player for the task and environment is utterly critical to the success of a digital signage project. Get it wrong, and you may have steadily escalating on-site repair and replacement costs due to players that aren’t able to keep up with the demands of ever more sophisticated content.

Uptime has always been at the heart of what ComQi delivers for partners and customers. We were manufacturing ultra-reliable media players more than a decade ago. ComQi’s foundational software platform was providing deep, sophisticated device monitoring and management tools, via the Web, years before it became the standard in digital signage.

We have a broad range of media players that were specified based on experience and insights, the variety of usages we see in the field, and the highly diverse requirements of customers. In this paper, we’ll walk you through what you need to know and watch out for, and help you pair the right player with your project.