AUO Unveils Smart Vertical Solutions through Joined Forces with ComQi

Issued by:  AU Optronics Corp.
Issued on:  April 16, 2021

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 16, 2021–

Based on its profound core display technologies, ("AUO" or the "Company") proactively expands smart vertical applications. At the coming Touch Taiwan 2021, the world’s leading exhibition for display industry, AUO will team with its subsidiaries including AUO Display Plus, Space4Money, and ComQi to start from applications in daily life including smart retail, transportation, sports, commercial application and entertainment to demonstrate its plentiful achievements derived from in-depth dedications in smart verticals by integrating high-end display technologies with various innovative cross-boundary solutions.

Highly Integrated Intelligent Retail Solutions Contribute to Precision Marketing and Allow Brands to Maximize Marketing Effects

The development of innovative applications associated with intelligent retail including big data analysis and smart shelf not only help the store owners to achieve precision marking through collecting and analyzing customer data, but also create friendly interactions with consumers in the retail field and support their purchase decision making. Retail stores can improve operational efficiency through technology and expect to reveal a more preferable atmosphere at the same time. AUO’s superior design is fully demonstrated by various all-in-one models consisting of aesthetic and functionality. For example, 43-inch and 55-inch ultra-thin all-in-one digital signage, with the minimum thickness of 2.5cm, can perfectly merge into store interior with the design of a smaller wall clearance. In addition, the Company has also assisted its partners in launching the all-in-one slim POS machine which can meet demands for cashier process and management scenarios in stores of all kinds.

To address the ever-changing space layouts in retail vertical, AUO leads the industry to develop TARTAN display wall featuring flexible assembly and digital CMS (Contents Management System). The solution supports marketing staffs to edit digital contents and to optimize brand marketing effects. It is possible to integrate with various digital files like music, pictures and video, as well as to interface with other functional data such as POS and membership systems. Equipped with digital CMS, The AUO TARTAN display presented in the show can be used as the shopping guide or to show product information, real-time promotion or dynamic events update to attract consumers’ attention through the 42-inch bar type display and 22.9-inch intelligent shelf display. In the same time, by collecting data through AI technology and analysis, the device can also communicate with targeted audience based on their preferences effectively.


Expert of Smart Cockpit Interface Integration Delivers Excellent Smart Driving Experience

With the growing penetration of electric vehicles, the elimination of combustion engine gives way to cockpit space, which accelerates the development of smart cockpit. As an expert in automotive display interface integration, AUO’s insights into cockpit design trend lead to the implementation of cutting-edge display technologies micro LED and mini LED into various automotive display devices to realize a totally digitalized smart cockpit application. This time, AUO will showcase the ultra-large curved cockpit display featuring special-shaped cutting and integration with on-board devices including console and dashboard, by applying high resolution, high contrast, wide viewing angle and multi-panel lamination technology. With the combination of AUO proprietary AHVA (advanced hyper-viewing angle) technology, the 10.25-inch head-up display can project high-brightness LED on the windshield glass to maintain a saturated and precise image quality with high contrast even in the changing outdoor environment and help the driver focus on the road to ensure safety. In the exhibition, AUO will also demonstrate smart dashboard system for motorbike equipped with AUO automotive panels and integrated with cluster electronic and wireless communication module to show the key communication interface connecting human, vehicle and AIoV cloud platform, as the core of realizing Smart Connected Motorcycle.


Functional Smart Wearable Devices with Stylish Form Factor

Mono MIP Panel Consumes Only 1/3000 Power of Traditional Models

Wearables like smart watch are popular among sports enthusiasts in recent years because they can monitor health in real-time and are more convenient than smartphones. To respond to the changing outdoor environment, AUO leads the industry to adopt MIP technology and releases the 1.04-inch mono MIP panel, which can display clearly even under bright sunlight. The power consumption is only 1/3000 of traditional electrical models and the extremely long battery life allows the user to use for 1 to 2 weeks without charging. For groups who want to show their stylish fashion taste, AUO’s 1.28-inch OLED featuring narrow border and low power consumption not only provides a fashionable form factor with round and ultra-narrow border design, but also has a longer standby time superior to other models in the market, without compromising the high-end spec like high brightness OLED and high contrast.


AUO Proprietary Switchable Privacy Technology Allows Users to Switch at Any Time While Maintaining Same Image Quality

To meet professionals’ demand for a privacy screen on laptop, AUO exclusively launches a 14-inch switchable privacy laptop panel allowing users to switch between privacy and normal mode at any time. Compared to other solutions, the normal mode can provide a brighter and crystal-clear image quality as well as a wider viewing angle. AUO will also present the world’s first 65-inch oTP (on-cell touch panel) large-sized ultra-narrow bezel IWB (interactive whiteboard)(*) to address the need of interactions in business meeting or education. Besides integrating touch function with the TV panel, this whiteboard consists of a passive stylus pen with a 3mm diameter and 5.9mm ultra-narrow bezel to prevent the user error resulted from external disruptions and effectively increase the efficiency of meeting and education.

For other aspects such as gambling entertainment applications, take the popular slot machine for example, AUO also breaks through the traditional mechanical design and replaces the conventional screen displaying three reels with a complete curved screen with large curvature to allow the user to view all details at a glance. Meanwhile, the vivid colors also ensure a more pleasant user experience. Meanwhile, AUO leads the industry to release the large-sized round display manufactured by free cutting technology. Except going beyond all space limitations, its eye-catching form allows the proprietor to craft more creative content on the machine to draw the attention of more users through brand-new visual experiences as well as generate more profits from the attention economy.

* Based on the available market data as of April 16, 2021.

AUO proprietary 14-inch switchable privacy laptop panel can provide a brighter and crystal-clear image quality as well as a wider viewing angle, compared to its counterparts in the market.


AUO smart dashboard system for motorbike is equipped with AUO automotive panels and builds the key communication interface connecting human, vehicle and AIoV cloud platform, as the core of realizing Smart Connected Motorcycle.


AUO 1.04-inch mono MIP panel can display clearly even under bright sunlight. The power consumption is only 1/3000 of conventional models.

AUO’s highly integrated intelligent retail solutions help recommend and guide shoppers, analyze data, and create friendly interactions with consumers, which contribute to precision marketing.

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