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Engaging and Effective Digital Signage for Hospitality providers

Hotel guests and visitors want more than just a place to get a good night's sleep, they want a memorable and stress-free experience. Hospitality digital signage can provide guests with conveniences like local information, a smooth check-in process, and a personal concierge service at their fingertips. Use digital signs to create the kind of guest experience that has them eager to book their next stay!

Hotel Room Entryway

Hospitality digital signage can provide guests with conveniences like local information, a smooth check-in process, and a personal concierge service at their fingertips. Use digital signs to create the kind of guest experience that has them eager to book their next stay!

From Check-In to Check-Out

Entertain your guests with content on interactive signs, digital kiosk, and room signs

Hotel digital signage can do everything from entertain to inform. Install touch screens in the lobby to be used for self check-in or as a digital concierge. Kiosks can feature local weather, news, flight information, and hotel airport shuttle times at the front desk and throughout the hotel. Interactive wayfinding signs can guide visitors to their conference or event, while digital menu boards can entice guests to try the daily specials at the hotel restaurant. Guests will appreciate how easy their visit is, and with fewer questions to answer, staff will have more time to spend on other important tasks.

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EnGage CMS

A Cloud-based CMS for total control of your hotel digital signage

Create a better guest experience by retiring costly, uninspired paper signs and use dynamic, easy-to-manage digital signage instead. ComQi's powerful content management system, EnGage, helps you deploy fresh content across one or all of your locations with just a few clicks. EnGage gives you the power to create everything from customized signage for events, beautiful digital art displays in hotel hallways, to personalized welcome messages in guest rooms, all from an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. The EnGage content management system offers targeted content scheduling, device management, reporting, and more. It's easily accessible through an intuitive dashboard, giving you the power to manage all your locations from anywhere. 

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Everything from eye-catching video walls to interactive touch screens

ComQi creates dynamic digital signs in a variety of shapes and sizes and can customize displays to bring your vision to life. From the smallest touch-screen kiosk for guest check-in to fully immersive wall displays, hotels can smartly and efficiently create digital signs for everything from sharing information to creating ever-changing visuals throughout the hotel.

Hotel Video Walls

Transform your Hotel Spaces into Unique Destinations

Your hotel lobby can be more than just a spot for guests to come and go-striking wall displays can help your unique hospitality brand shine and get people excited to be part of it. Use digital displays to effortlessly update the ambiance in different spaces of your hotel with a click of a button-create a custom look for the bar that changes depending on the time of day, show thoughtfully curated visuals from local artists throughout the public spaces, and delight guests with customized photo displays at the wedding reception in your event space.

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Interactive Kiosk Displays

Custom digital displays that personalize the guest experience

Interactive displays empower guests to quickly and effortlessly find the information they need. Digital displays can assist guests in finding flight information, recommendations for restaurants, shortcuts to buying tickets for local activities, and so much more, all without requiring help from busy staff. Interactive wayfinding signs guide hotel guests and event attendees to easily find their way around the property and can be used to inform them of hotel amenities they may want to enjoy during their stay. When done right, digital signage solutions create convenience and ease for your guests, and that's the kind of experience that leads to rave reviews!

Hotel Information Displays

Your Hotels' Amenities are Worth Bragging About

Does your pool offer water aerobics or a DJ-hosted event? What are the daily specials in your hotel restaurant? Do you offer a free drink to guests who tag you on social media? There are many things that your hotel does that sets you apart from the competition, and strategically placed digital signage keeps your visitors informed of all of it. Use engaging photos and fonts to catch the eyes of guests as they ride the elevator, wait at the taxi stand, or walk through the property to get them excited about taking advantage of your special offers. With ComQi's cloud-based content management system, you can update your promotions and marketing materials as often as you like, at one property or all, with just a few clicks.

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Explore our digital displays, perfect for enhancing your guest experience.

Our best-in-class players provide the versatility to meet all of your needs. Our hardware is designed specifically for digital signage or interactive kiosk applications. Whether you need a guest kiosk to speed up your check-in process, or an entire video wall to wow your guests, our hardware combined with our EnGage CMS is your ideal solution.

Why ComQi

We know the hospitality industry

For over two decades, ComQi has been trusted by the world's largest brands to design, build, and manage memorable hotel digital experiences. Our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way as you implement continuously fresh, eye-catching wall displays, and dynamic informational signage to one or all of your hotel locations. Our user-friendly content management system helps you create and implement enticing signage that makes guests consider your hotel a preferred destination.

Component 1 – 1

Service and Installation

Our years of hospitality and hotel experience have helped us to develop and refine a meticulous deployment process. We work with you over seven phases to make sure your implementation is successful, guiding you through discovery and network planning, content and programming preparation, deployment and go-live planning, training, in-venue deployment, taking the network live, and monitoring your network health on an ongoing basis. We'll be there every step of the way to exceed your expectations.

Component 2 – 1

Dedicated Support

We'll keep you up and running, ensuring your content is delivered flawlessly to your guests to maximize your ROI. ComQi's comprehensive support program can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Stay one step ahead with our proactive system monitoring, get issues resolved quickly through our intelligent automated support ticketing system, save on costly tech visits with our remote device management and troubleshooting tools, and rest easy with a maintenance agreement that ensures the highest levels of uptime for your systems. 

Component 4 – 1

Hospitality Content Production

What kind of information do your guests need, what style of visuals will elevate your brand, and how can you use signage to improve staff morale? A thoughtful content strategy is critical in order to get the most out of your digital signage software. We'll work with you to understand your objectives and utilize our vast experience to help create a long-term content strategy. We will work together with your internal content production team, or you can take advantage of our ready-made infotainment to always keep guests engaged via fresh content.

Component 3 – 1

Hospitality Content Management:

Our easy-to-use content management system, EnGage, makes it simple for our customers to deploy content across their various locations. However, if you don't have the resources to handle your own content management, ComQi can provide this service until you're ready to handle the task yourself.

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