Digital Signage for Restaurants That Makes Your Customers Hungry for More

Your customers want more than food-they want an experience


Hungry restaurant customers have many options when it comes to deciding where to eat. Make them think of you first by providing a memorable experience through the use of thoughtful and engaging digital signage. Provide a dynamic experience at the drive-thru, at the counter, and at their tables to ensure they'll come back the next time a craving hits.

From Dine-in to Drive-Thru

The ingredients for a better restaurant experience

Whether you want to increase sales at the fast-food drive-thru, provide convenient touchscreen ordering at a quick-service restaurant, or keep diners entertained at their tables while they wait to be served, eye-catching digital signage can do it all. Digital signage software helps you easily update menu boards, share news about special offers and featured items, and improve the customer experience. 


Onsite CMS powered by EnGage

An onsite CMS for total control of your menus and more

No more wasting money on paper menus and inserts that are quickly out-of-date-ComQi's powerful content management system, EnGage, helps you stay relevant across all your locations with just a few clicks. Schedule digital menu boards to appear at the correct time, quickly remove out-of-stock items, or showcase happy hour specials all from an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. The EnGage content management system offers targeted content scheduling, device management, reporting, and more, all accessible through an intuitive dashboard, giving you the power to manage all your locations from anywhere. 


We have you covered from the front to the back of the house

Elevate the ambiance of your dining areas and entertain your guests with our full suite of restaurant digital signage solutions. From video walls and digital menu boards to commercial broadcasts, ComQi can help you create a restaurant that people enjoy visiting-and that they'll tell their friends about.

Digital Menus

Speed up the line and increase customer satisfaction

An easy-to-read menu is one of the most important components of a restaurant-after all, if they can't read about it, how can they order it? Digital menu boards fix the issue of hard-to-read fonts or confusing menu layouts by presenting information clearly. Items can be paired with mouth-watering photos to help entice customers, and daily specials or high-ticket items can be strategically displayed at the register to encourage impulse ordering. Digital signage also makes it easy to stay compliant with legal requirements for providing nutritional and allergen information. 


Digital Promotion boards

Feature your greatest and latest

"Do you want fries with that?" There's no need to ask when you use eye-catching digital displays to upsell items like desserts or sides. With content boards that can be refreshed quickly and easily, you can test various promotions at different times of day across multiple locations, allowing you to gather valuable data to determine what promos work best. Give customers something to look forward to and a reason to return by promoting upcoming specials, restaurant events, or previews of new menu items.

Staff Communications-Keep Everyone Informed

Save time and spread news easily

Make your digital display a vital part of your restaurant operations-not just for engaging customers, but for keeping staff in the loop as well. Easy-to-read displays can notify staff of daily specials, last-minute schedule changes, out-of-stock items, and more. Boost team morale and company pride by sharing sales figures, photo feeds of the staff, and employee recognition seamlessly across locations. 


Make Them Forget They're Waiting

Keep customers entertained and reduce perceived wait times

When done right, digital signage can help customers pass the time and not mind the wait. Use digital displays to notify take-out customers of their wait time and order status to create a stress-free pick-up area where they can easily grab their order when it's ready. Entertain customers at their tables with engaging content such as trivia, music videos, or restaurant social media feeds, and enjoy a reduction in wait-time-related complaints.

Why ComQi

We Know the Restaurant Industry

For over two decades, ComQi has been trusted by the world's largest brands to design, build, and manage memorable restaurant digital experiences. Our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way as you implement continuously fresh, eye-catching menus, and dynamic promotional signage to one or all of your restaurant locations. Our user-friendly content management system helps you create and implement enticing signage that makes customers hungry to order-again and again.

Component 1 – 1

Service and Installation

Our years of experience have helped us to develop and refine a meticulous deployment process. We work with you over seven phases to make sure your implementation is successful, guiding you through discovery and network planning, content and programming preparation, deployment and go-live planning, training, in-venue deployment, taking the network live, and monitoring your network health on an ongoing basis. We'll be there every step of the way to exceed your expectations.

Component 2 – 1

Dedicated Support

We'll keep you up and running, ensuring your campaigns are delivered flawlessly to maximize your ROI. ComQi's comprehensive support program can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Stay one step ahead with our proactive system monitoring, get issues resolved quickly through our intelligent automated support ticketing system, save on costly tech visits with our remote device management and troubleshooting tools, and rest easy with a maintenance agreement that ensures the highest levels of uptime for your systems. 

Component 4 – 1

Restaurant Content Production

You can have the most fantastic-looking displays ever made but they won't be effective without a thoughtful content strategy. We'll work with you to understand your objectives and utilize our vast experience across a range of verticals to help create a long-term content strategy. We will work together with your internal content production team, or you can take advantage of our ready-made infotainment to always keep customers engaged via fresh content.

Component 3 – 1

Restaurant Content Management

Our easy-to-use content management system, EnGage, makes it simple for our customers to deploy content across their various locations. However, should you not have the resources to handle your own content management, ComQi can provide this service until you're ready to handle the task yourself.

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