Restaurant Digital Signage: Foodservice that Leaves Customers Fulfilled

Hungry patrons crave more than a tasty meal, they're hungry for a memorable experience.


Curb the foodie heart with captivating displays that are designed to speak the hangry language of restaurant customers everywhere. Restaurant digital signage starts the conversation and breaks the ice, removing those awkward introductory barriers and welcoming diners.

With ComQi's digital signage solutions for restaurants, you can say goodbye to the days of handing out printed flyers and hello to the days of technology-fueled, eye-catching entertainment of digital media and strategy.

Digital Signage That Introduces a Tasteful Restaurant Experience

From dine-in to the drive-thru, ComQi provides you with the ingredients needed for a higher-quality restaurant experience.

Stand out from the competition and increase revenue through distinctive digital signage that leaves an impactful and positive impression. Opt-in for wall-sized displays, interactive touchscreen convenience, and scalability. 

Provide consumers with convenience by utilizing digital menu board solutions to present special offers and feature items with ease.


Onsite CMS powered by EnGage

An onsite CMS for total control of your menus and more

The days of paper menus that get torn and become dingy are over. Save on the cost of revisiting and re-ordering printed menus and paper inserts by switching to digitally operated menus. EnGage is our powerful content management system that provides you with full flexibility and control over the content you're sharing with customers. With remote access, you can make updates easily and efficiently at the click of a few buttons. Our cloud-based software works hand in hand with our digital signage, allowing patrons to see the update without waiting for a newly printed menu or the restaurant team to let them know.


We have you covered from the front to the back of the house

Elevate the ambiance of your dining areas and entertain your guests with our full suite of restaurant digital signage solutions. From video walls and digital menu boards to commercial broadcasts, ComQi can help you create a restaurant that people enjoy visiting-and that they'll tell their friends about.

Digital Menu Board Solutions

Speed up the line and increase customer satisfaction

We specialize in designing, building, and managing digital experiences that you can use to encourage hungry customers to order again and again. You no longer have to worry about hard-to-read fonts, crossing out of-stock menu items, or figuring out how to display and present that information. Bringing a refreshing approach to your restaurants, we'll utilize digital menu boards and put your menu items on display. From mouth-watering menu descriptions to gourmet photos, we'll encourage impulse ordering using strategic visual aid.

QSR digital menu board

Enhanced Special Offers

Feature your greatest and latest specials

Have a new menu item you want to feature without overselling? Digital displays can give you the boost you desire and help make that item pop. Rolling out a promotion or multiple items? Take advantage of the flexibility of interchangeable signage that helps you change up the look and feel of the menu, always giving customers a fresh take. With content boards that can be refreshed quickly and easily, you can test various promotions at different times of day across multiple locations, allowing you to gather valuable data to determine what promos work best. Give customers something to look forward to and a reason to return by promoting upcoming specials, restaurant events, or previews of new menu items.

Effective and Informative Real-Time Communications

Save time and spread news easily

From video walls and digital menu boards to commercial broadcasts updating the latest promotions, our digital signs break the barriers to communication. Touchscreen and interactive signage can help customers place orders, keep track of outstanding bills, and allow customers to pay. Not only does this give customers ease of access and help keep things rolling promptly, but it also creates a digital footprint to better keep track of daily revenue reports. 


Take the Complaint out of the Wait

Keep customers entertained and reduce perceived wait times

Digital signage for restaurants, when managed properly, can help customers pass the time and curve their frustration over perceived wait times. If they're having fun utilizing your digital displays and taking advantage of signage, they'll be more inclined to leave raving reviews. 

For pick-up orders or dining in, digital displays can create a more controlled and organized environment for both customers and staffing. Interactive digital signage can update customers on orders that are ready to grab and provide entertaining content like trivia, games, music videos, and more. This engagement helps keep the vibe positive and can help show a little restaurant personality with some creativity.

Why ComQi

We Know the Restaurant Industry

We're the backbone of some of the world's largest brands and restaurant chains to date.

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, much like the retail industry, which can make it difficult to keep up with. From trends to outdated products, new technology, and more – we know the industry. 

Our team has done the homework and continues to monitor market changes so that you can focus on more enjoyable tasks and stress less about rolling out the next big thing. We help you take digital signage to the next level by implementing stunning, eye-catching menus and creating content that's unique to your restaurant.

Component 1 – 1

Service and Installation

We aim to bring you the most up-to-date digital sign solutions with real-time technology. Your restaurant displays are the center of attention and help make that first impression, which is why we provide you with everything from interactive product kiosks to dynamic signage, content management, adaptive programming, and more. We'll help you create engaging digital signage that represents your restaurant in all aspects. Through our seven-phase process, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Our action plan initiative will break down current trends and review competitor analytics to help build your digital marketing plan.

Component 2 – 1

Dedicated Support

We keep digital operations running by providing you with round-the-clock support to keep your digital signage virtually fueled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ComQi's AI system provides proactive monitoring to ensure that we're notified as soon as an issue arises. This allows us to quickly troubleshoot the issue to resolve it and get operations back up and running smoothly. ComQi's support team utilizes remote device management tools to actively support your restaurant at all times and maximize digital performance.

Component 4 – 1

Restaurant Content Production

Customer reach and patron retention rely on more than having a better-than-average menu with quality service. Customers want an experience that leaves them craving more. We use digital displays to interact and make that connection so they're engaged from the moment they spot your restaurant until well after they've left. Our team of experts at CompQi will carefully curate digital signage that represents your restaurant. Quality digital signage helps your restaurant stand out from the competition and keeps customers telling their friends, family, and loved ones about their experience.

Component 3 – 1

Restaurant Content Management

With ComQi's media management strategies, we provide you with adaptive deployment solutions that allow you to bring digital displays to life. Whether you have an in-house team, a solo marketing guru, or need us to take ownership over your media, our cloud-based content management system, EnGage makes managing content simple. At the click of a button, you can easily access your digital signage, and adjust or update your menu displays and digital signs without hassle. There are no tricks or hidden tools, just a dashboard with easy-to-understand infotainment essentials.

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