Cloud-Based Digital Signage Systems that

Create immersive and memorable in-venue experiences with ComQi’s digital signage ecosystem.
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Cloud-Based Digital Signage Sytems that

Create immersive and memorable in-venue experiences with ComQi’s digital signage ecosystem.

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Elevating experiences: Partnering for quality with our screen technologies.


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turnkey approach to managing digital signage systems at any scale.

Digital Display Solutions

From touch screens to micro LED technology, discover how ComQi and AUO are forging the future of digital signage.


Easel, ComQi's Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

Revolutionize your retail shelves with dynamic pricing and more product transparency. Easel, our shelf label ESL product is now integrated with the EnGage CMS.

This integration means the single platform of EnGage will manage all aspects of your customer experience.  With Easel, we can automate and streamline your pricing management processes.

Our Process

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Collaborate and communicate
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ComQi offers digital signage solutions to help multi-location businesses in all industries streamline their communications.

Retail Businesses

Immersive and engaging digital signage solutions to attract more customers and drive revenue for all types of retail businesses

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Provide an engaging experience for visitors at the drive-thru, at the counter, and at their tables with digital menus and promotional messages.

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Hospitality & Hotels

Hospitality digital signage can provide a smoother check-in process and personal concierge services to improve guest experiences.

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Financial Businesses

Quick Messenger is a content management system that delivers localized content to individual screens in any bank branch, anywhere.

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Improve your internal communication, providing wayfinding solutions, and share company updates with digital signs and kiosks.

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Digital signage software for hospitals can be used to improve the patient experience and reduce the amount of help they need from staff.

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Who We Serve

Discover how ComQi works with the world's leading retail brands to deliver innovative, enterprise-wide customer engagement programs and retail digital signage.

Manage marketing for a large, multi-location enterprise? Need to get your visitors in the mood to buy? Tired of juggling multiple vendors and mismatched technology solutions?

ComQi’s attentive, full service, end-to-end approach was designed for you. We’ll work directly with your marketing team to install, manage, and maintain a powerful enterprise-wide digital content management platform configured to your exact needs. You’ll improve brand awareness and increase customer loyalty and sales, all at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

Here are just a few of the gains we’ll help you achieve:

  • Improved in-venue engagement
  • Cost savings over traditional mass market advertising
  • Instant message deployment to support national, regional, and local campaigns
  • A new revenue stream through vendor ads
  • Innovative custom screen formats (Tartan)
  • Dashboards that enable you to monitor ROI and KPIs
  • Custom APIs to support emerging technology
  • Installation and support for a stable, cloud-based SAAS platform

If you're looking for digital transformation with minimal risk, we should talk.

Trust ComQi to walk with you every step of the way as you plan, install, configure, support, maintain ⸺ even finance ⸺ a complete digital content management system that drives innovation and increases revenue.

Looking for innovative technology solutions that drive digital transformation? Need stable, secure, compliant options that reduce your in-house technology burden while limiting outages and downtime? 

ComQi’s cloud-based digital signage platform EnGage enables you to fulfill a key need of your marketing team without overburdening your IT department. Your organization will be able to manage enterprise-wide digital marketing and communications campaigns across large networks of media players and screens. 

Here are some of the reasons IT departments like working with ComQi:

  • We offer an end-to-end turnkey solution that includes hardware, software, services, and support.
  • The EnGage platform eliminates the need for local hosting, management, and support. 
  • Our software, screens, and players are designed to work seamlessly together. 
  • Our players run Linux for stability, security, and cost savings.
  • Custom APIs enable data integration for emerging technology.
  • Deep toolsets include remote system monitoring, support and full system transparency, ensuring stability, reducing downtime, and limiting costly truck rolls. And all of that results in healthy KPIs, provable ROI, and reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible financing options help you cover the cost of large network rollouts.

Trust ComQi to walk with you every step of the way as you plan, install, configure, support, maintain ⸺ even finance ⸺ a complete digital content management system that drives innovation and increases revenue.

If you're looking for a proven, scalable technology solution that helps your organization achieve its marketing goals, while reducing internal workload, bandwidth, and support requirements, we should talk.

Intel market-ready logo
ComQi is a certified Intel® Market-Ready solution.

Need to deliver compelling communications and training to your staff? Do your current communications methods limit your ability to deliver relevant messaging to your staff? 

The OnSite tool in ComQi’s Engage platform enables you to share important internal communications messaging through screens in your lunch or staff break rooms.  OnSite allows for top level HQ messaging, as well as local access for each facility/store manager to drive and even create their own messaging.

ComQi will work with you from start to finish to create a powerful corporate communications channel that will help to improve your employee engagement, which will lead to a better customer experience and improved employee retention.

ComQi Makes Digital Signage Simple

Any Content

Our systems support all types of media including images, videos, slideshows, web apps, social media, and more.

Real-time control

ComQi’s EnGage cloud-based CMS empowers you to control any of your signs from anywhere with an internet connection.

Any Number of Screens

Whether you’re launching your first few screens or managing a network of thousands, ComQi can help.

End-to-end Support

We’ll walk you through the entire deployment process to get your signs up and running smoothly.

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Tartan Logo

Changing the shape of digital displays

The innovative TARTAN series of digital displays is your opportunity to defy convention and capture attention. They'll open up creative new possibilities for displaying your branded content. Tartan's distinctive and eye-catching round, square, and stretched displays are available in a variety of standard sizes from 28" to 48.5."

ComQi is an AUO Company

AUO integrates software, hardware, cloud and service platforms to enter the diverse application market of field economy. AUO provides diversified solutions in retail, healthcare, transportation, education, enterprise, manufacturing, and energy sectors, leading people into a brand new smart lifestyle.

AUO offers clients highly-customized and high-quality products and services thanks to its comprehensive line-up of G3.5 to G8.5 production lines combined with its AIoT smart manufacturing technology. AUO was selected as one of the constituent companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in 2010 and has been included every year since.

Photo with examples of AUO services

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