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Cloud Based Platform

ComQi's EnGage lets you manage your multi-channel customer facing media from a single cloud-based platform. EnGage is flexible and easily customizable with a very friendly user interface. It makes sure that the right content goes to the right place at the right time.

Store/Franchise Portal

ComQi provides an easy-to-use portal. Users, local to a site, can manage messages and data such as menus, venue schedules or local weather updates. The portal can be customized on per user basis. Administrators at HQ have control over which content can be managed by other users.

Internet of Things

ComQi's EnGage is a mature platform designed to support smart integration with in-store devices. Such as LCDs, LEDs, transactional systems, in-store mobile, beacons, RFIDs, Light ID and more.

Screens for All Reasons

EnGage can be integrated with all type of screens LED, LCD, Touch screens or Tablets. To ensure that screens meet their objective whether it be increasing brand awareness or increasing conversions.

Data Integration and Event Triggers

Effective meta-data organization allows the correct data and content to be published to the right end-point. Thus, creating a relevant experience for the customers.

End to End Service

ComQi provides an end-to-end platform for digital signage. Our services include content creation, network launch and ongoing customer support. This ensures that digital signage can meets its true potential.

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