You bring the power and internet connection. We'll handle the rest.

ComQi's commercial-grade display hardware and media players are the easiest, most reliable way to put your media in front of millions of customers, everyday.


Easy to Manage

Experience more control and better workflows across your entire network using EnGage—our cloud-based digital signage software. 

Conception to Completion

No matter how complex your needs are, our Customer Support team ensures the health of your network from start to finish and beyond.

Purposeful Displays

ComQi’s innovative display options and cloud-based controls help you create engaging media with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Media Players

ComQi Media Players

Best-in-class players with all the versatility you need

ComQi's digital media players are best in class and designed specifically for digital signage or interactive applications. All players are extensively tested and operate as an appliance regardless of which model is used.

All EnGage digital display players are plug and play. All the player needs is power and an internet connection to automatically connect to the EnGage CMS. No setup or extra software is required. It’s completely remote  managed using EnGage. 

Knowing what your media players are doing is critical to the operation of the network. The connectivity options and tools ensure that if the players can connect, they will

Continuously Connected
All players connect and stay connected to EnGage without the need for polling, while using very little bandwidth. Real-time events can be sent to the players using EnGage. Screen captures and publishes occur within seconds without the need to wait for the next poll interval.  

Connectivity Options
The EnGage Player can use ethernet, wifi, or even 3/4/5G networks to connect to the internet. Custom network settings such as static IP address or wifi settings can be updated on the player using a USB key for the first time setup, or settings can be changed within EnGage.

Bandwidth Management
The Connection Schedule in the EnGage CMS can be used to set download windows or throttle bandwidth to ensure business-critical systems get the bandwidth they need.

All content, schedules, and settings are managed within the EnGage digital signage CMS and distributed to the player before playback. A connection to the CMS isn’t required to play content, only to get updates. If the internet connection is lost, playback is not affected. The player continuously retries to connect, and once it does, it gets all the updates since its last connection, all automatically. 

Knowing that your digital media players are operating is critical to the success of your network. Players automatically send health information such as any playback issues, running temperature, storage space, download bandwidth speed and much more. The EnGage tools offer full confidence that your audience is receiving the experience you’ve designed.

Screen Control
Leveraging the RS-232 screen control for commercial- grade screens is built into the player software. A serial connection between the screen and player enables monitoring that the screen is powered on, is on the correct input, and has the correct settings. Turning the screens off and on is both eco friendly and stops the content playback to ensure the most accurate play logging. 

Play Logging & Reporting
All content playback is logged, even while offline, and transferred back to EnGage so you can know exactly what has played across your network. The EnGage reporting system has lots of built-in reports that can be used to see exactly how your content playback is performing. 

Fail-safes and Auto-corrections
We all make mistakes, and sometimes the environment can be challenging. The EnGage Player software is designed to make sure the device always connects to EnGage even when mistakes are made. It can automatically fall back to known working settings or keep its last content set just in case it needs to roll back. 

Leverage the video wall arrangement tool to design a physical video wall layout and map your content onto the screens, automatically spanning the screen based on your desired physical arrangement. Whether it’s a simple two-screen video wall or up to 12 separate video outputs for more sophisticated content requirements, EnGage lets you configure a wide range of video wall options, even when using LED screens with non-standard resolutions. 

All EnGage players are plug and play. All the player needs is power and an internet connection to automatically connect to the EnGage CMS. No setup or extra software is required. It’s completely remote  managed using EnGage. 

While ComQi provides a standard line of players, we also provide digital display hardware to suit other use cases, such as global certifications,  wide temperature range, or all-in-one player touchscreens. Talk to your ComQi account manager about the available options. 

Cut down on cabling using one of the Smart Display Module(SDM) or Open Pluggable Module (OPS) players available. With many screen manufacturers now including SDM or OPS slots, there’s more demand for modular players. ComQi offers options that run the standard EnGage Player software, which is only limited by the module's hardware capabilities. 

Network Takeovers
The ComQi player software can run on most modern Intel-based media players. ComQi can certify the hardware to ensure it runs properly and takes advantage of the hardware playback capabilities. 

The EnGage WebPlayer is an HTML5-based digital media player software designed to run on third-party media players or SoC (system on chip) screens. It leverages many of the EnGage player software's powerful features such as continuous connection, device management, store-and-play content distribution, and play logging.

RP 507 Media Player

500 Series

Entry level digital media players designed for 1080 video playback and simple multi-zone layouts. 

Intel SDM Market-Ready logo
RP934C Media Player

900 Series

Mid-range and high-end players designed for 4K content, complex HTML5 applications, three video output solutions and ideal for ultra smooth interactive touch screen content. 

Intel SDM Market-Ready logo
RP 1030 Media Player

1000 Series

Video wall players designed for 6- or 12-video outputs that can play 4K content and HTML5-based content.

Intel SDM Market-Ready logo
SDM Player

OPS/SDM Players

OPS (Open pluggable specification) and SDM (Smart display module) players that can be used in SDM- and OPS-supported screens. 

Intel SDM Market-Ready logo
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Use the ComQi WebPlayer software to leverage the enterprise- grade functionality of the EnGage CMS while using the industry- standard BrightSign player. Simply copy the WebPlayer software onto the SD card and your BrightSign player is now part of the EnGage ecosystem and that can be managed alongside the standard EnGage media player. 

WebPlayer Series

An HTML5-based digital media player software that can be used on third-party platforms such as BrightSign or SoC (System on chip) hardware.

Display hardware - LED/LCD Displays by AUO

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Custom displays by AUO

AUO's TARTAN series includes round, square, and stretched displays in a variety of standard sizes from 28" to 48.5."

The distinctive digital displays are inherently eye-catching and can be used in a wide variety of ways. From retail to entertainment, indoors or outdoors, the new form factor displays are uniquely suited to foster an experiential viewing experience.

AUO can also provide customers with customized shapes and sizes for truly distinctive requirements.


  • Business & Store digital signage
  • Casino/Gaming displays
  • Promotion displays
  • Digital menu boards
ComQi SDM Display

AUO's unique hybrid slot design is compatible with both of the Intel SDM formats. This allows  greater flexibility in selecting the computing engine that’s optimized for your specific needs.

Intel® SDM-Ready Displays

Easy installation, powerful performance and low maintenance

AUO SDM Display Series features the integrated Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) for digital signage and video wall applications. Retailers and system integrators alike are searching for simple all-in-one solutions with hassle-free operations. The AUO SDM series delivers on these requirements by providing a scalable, future-proof, plug-and-play solution.

The AUO SDM series is designed to handle the rigors of 24-7 commercial applications but flexible enough to support easy upgrades and repairs. The feature-rich scalable platform allows for simple installation, extended compatibility and the ability to fit into a diverse set of markets.

The Intel® SDM has evolved from the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS). It offers a smaller form factor and can be powered by a wide range of Intel® processors. The player is available in two form factors: the SDM-S and the larger SDM-L. These units provide users with the flexibility to select the platform and features that best support their needs.

In addition to compatibility with Windows, Android, and Linux OS platforms, the SDM players offer more functionality and flexibility in the support of a variety of peripheral devices such as sensors, cameras and RFID readers for creating a more complete customer experience. This simple but powerful system enables integrators to provide enriched interactions and increase consumers’ engagement while lightening their workload.

SDM-SThe Intel® SDM–S is designed for simple digital signage applications such as transportation routes and timetables, information screens or a standalone advertising display. Intel® SDM–S is roughly the size of a credit card (60 mm x 100 mm). It is ideal for low power consumption, basic  digital signage applications.

SDM-LIntel®’s SDM–L is the perfect solution for enterprise digital signage applications, large video walls, menu boards, interactive retail displays, and other IoT applications. Intel® SDM–L is designed for high performance computing implementation. The SDM-L is 175 mm x 100 mm.

Intel SDM Market-Ready logo
Detail Callout

AUO’s UHD 4K SDM series delivers outstanding picture quality with vivid details and realistic images. Sharp, clear content and text make your application come to life. Coupled with a 4-sided even bezel design, the new UHD 4K SDM product lineup provides an immersive and seamless viewing experience. 

Two SDM Player Display Models

The AUO SDM series offers users compatibility, ease of installation, simplified maintenance, and a clear path for upgrades. These commercial-grade panels ensure longevity and reliability in the most demanding of environments. AUO makes it easier than ever for customers to take advantage of high performance displays, flexible integrated media players, and clean integrations in a simple to install, all-in-one package.

FHD Display

Available in 3 sizes: 32”, 43”, and 55”.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 500
Contrast ratio: 4000:1
Speakers: 10W x 2
Product life (hrs): 50,000
Operation hours: 24/7
Operation mode: Portrait/Landscape

UHD Display

Available in 3 sizes:
55”, 65”, and 75”.

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Brightness: 500
Contrast ratio: 4000:1
Speakers: 10W x 2
Product life (hrs): 50,000
Operation hours: 24/7
Operation mode: Portrait/Landscape

Common Features & Benefits

The AUO SDM displays are fully compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux based OS solutions, allowing for more CMS OS options. With the plug-and-play SDM cards, it is easy to install and upgrade with no hassle. Also, there is no need for external media player with swappable SDM cards.

If problems arise with the operation system, you just change the SDM card for maintenance or upgrade. There is no need to remove the display. For other displays with embedded systems, the displays have to removed for maintenance.

There is no need for an external media player to play content with AUO SDM displays. 

Connecting multiple displays is simplified by daisy chaining the displays via HDMI.

Daisy chain diagram


UHD SuperSlim Signage

Sleek, Stylish, eye catching

AUO's UHD Superslim Signage displays are perfect for small or large retail businesses. The super slim 25-mm deep design can dress up commercial interiors without compromising functionality. With a sleek, zero-gap wall mount, these digital displays are ideal for space-conscious installations. Featuring stunning 4K UHD resolution, AUO Super Slim Signage will capture the attention of in-venue guests.

The UHD 4K ultra high resolution produces sharper text and crisper details. It easily handles any indoor lighting challenges with 700 nits while the extraordinary 4,000:1 contrast ratio generates vivid, brilliant images, making your message and pictures even more attractive.

This super slim, stylish display is just 25mm in depth and can dress up commercial interiors without compromising the functionality. Featuring a zero-gap wall mount that is included for quick and simple installation, the UHD Super Slim is perfect for ADA concerns and space conscious installation.

SuperSlim Features