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Build an Immersive Connection

ComQi takes the guesswork out of signage for retail and creates real-time customer experiences for long-term results. We use digital signage as a service to help foster customer loyalty and boost ROI.

ComQi's retail digital signage solutions are the gateway to evolving. In-store digital signage can make shopping fun again by renewing the everyday consumer experience through real-time connectivity. This allows consumers to submerge themselves in your brand.

We help you curate these memorable shopping experiences. With customizable digital signs, we provide you with easily accessible and interchangeable tools that help build customer loyalty and drive groundbreaking revenue growth.

Inspire Your Customers at Every Step of Their Journey

Stand Out With ComQi's Immersive, In-Store Digital Signage

When you interact with potential customers for the first time, making a unique and memorable impression is essential in creating a lasting relationship that encourages and promotes sales. ComQi's retail digital signage solutions ensure that customers have ease of access when it comes to learning about your products and comparing them to the competition. Our digital signs provide customers with attention-grabbing, thought-provoking, and informative content that influence purchasing decisions.

Why ComQi

We Know Retail

For more than two decades, we've worked with some of the world's largest brands to design, build, and manage their digital retail footprint. 

As technology has evolved and the marketing world has changed, ComQi's been at the frontlines to ensure our partners have cutting-edge solutions for all of their digital media needs with a cloud-based CMS that empowers you to drive a consistent customer experience that curates long-term bonds and inspires loyalty. We provide you with the resources needed to stay one step ahead of the game.

Component 1 – 1

Service and Installation

From interactive product kiosks to dynamic signage, content management, adaptive programming, and more – we work with you step-by-step through our seven-phase assessment and activation process to help you create engaging digital signage that fully represents your retail. Our seven-phase process allows us to better understand your brand, goals, and current consumer network in order to curate the perfect strategy and deployment plan for your unique storefront.

Component 2 – 1

Dedicated Support

We keep digital operations active by providing round-the-clock support to keep your digital signage virtually fueled 24/7. Should any unforeseen circumstance arise, the ComQi team can remotely disperse solutions and is already one step ahead, working to troubleshoot the issue and prevent outages from creating any major revenue impact. With our remote device management tools, we're always actively providing virtual maintenance to help resolve issues and maximize performance and uptime for your retail store.

Component 4 – 1

Retail Content Production

You can have the most fantastic-looking displays ever made but they won't be effective without a thoughtful content strategy. We'll work with you to understand your objectives and utilize our vast experience across a range of verticals to help create a long-term content strategy. We will work together with your internal content production team, or you can take advantage of our ready-made infotainment to always keep customers engaged via fresh content.

Component 3 – 1

Retail Content Management

Using our cloud-based content management system, EnGage, you'll be able to deploy content to all locations, or just some, seamlessly. At the click of a button, you can easily access your digital signage, and adjust and update the content. You can delegate content-related tasks and changes to your internal content management team, or our team here at ComQi can help you manage these things. 

EnGage CMS

Retail Content Production

Capitalize on your content strategy with ComQi's EnGage CMS software. Rejuvenate and spruce up your current media with unique content production made in-house, or take advantage of our adjustable ready-made infotainment that brings your retail digital signage to the next level.


Retail LED Video Walls

Interactive touch screens through in-store digital signage help optimize the customer experience. Digitally reach out and grasp their attention through wall-sized media displays designed to beckon them in-store like a siren. 

Once in store, build an interactive experience with touch screen displays. Virtually customize and cater the shopping experience through engaged digital media that's adaptive and learnable, based on personal selection.

Does Digital Signage Increase Sales?

In short, yes! QRIUS reports that 68% of customers choose to purchase from a retailer after seeing digital signage. 76% of consumers are inclined to visit a store because of that signage. 

Customer satisfaction and retention increases by 46% following the implementation of digital signage systems, and digital signage solutions turn shoppers into repeat buyers more than 30% of the time. That's a noticeable impact on ROI, as a direct result of using digital signage as a service. ComQi works with leading retailers to provide an end-to-end digital signage experience that has helped increase foot traffic, improve customer engagement, and drive sell-through of promoted products.

Our Experience

20+ years of experience has given ComQi the tools to increase recall and retention rates through consistently changing media. We know how to design, install, and manage digital media in order to upgrade and optimize your versatility on promotions, and ongoing and upcoming sales through enticing deals. This allows for a hyper-fixation of customer impact and takes your retail marketing to the next level.


Retail Information Displays

Provide information and increase sales

Through ComQi's cloud-based CMS deployment, being strategic about where you place retail digital signage and how you update it is a seamless, one-piece flow of operation. 

Our SDM-Ready displays are your plug-and-play solution and are scalable to allow easy expansion from location to location.

All displays support peripherals such as sensors, cameras, RFID readers, and more to engage customers through interactive digital media.

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