ComQi is a global full-service end-to- end provider with proven track record reaching back over 15 years.

No company in the digital signage space can make that claim. We can either support you to perform these services internally or, like the majority of our customers, you can engage our team of industry experts to help ensure the highest level of design, deployment, custom development, content management and on-going services.

ComQi services are available end-to- end or ala carte. We will work with you to fit our services to your needs.


  • Project Management:
    A team of experienced project managers are ready to do project scoping, project timelines, scheduling and managing installation. Depending on the size and demands of the project, we work with you to set up a client/supplier project team and conduct weekly team meetings and status updates.
  • Screen Placement & Network Design:
    ComQi will survey location and make recommendations as to where screens/players should be deployed. The placement is to ensure that the screens have the maximum impact and can meet your business objectives like brand awareness, increase traffic or sales.
  • Technical Launch Management:
    A highly skilled and knowledgeable Technical Launch Manager is available to go on site at time of installation to oversee network and physical specifications of installation and to ensure project launches successfully.
  • Network Setup:
    ComQi works with you to understand scope of the network being deployed, and creates a site and player hierarchies to match network goals. Initial network configurations are also set. ComQi creates all screen command schedules and bandwidth throttles which need to be in place on Day 1 of network operation. This service allows the network manager to focus on the day-to-day management of the network during early deployment stages, with ComQi providing a safety net to ensure all structures are created properly to facilitate network growth as the deployment continues.
  • Media Player Commissioning:
    ComQi Customer Service desk will receive incoming calls to assign your media player to the correct site & commission to ensure all objects and schedules are being published to the site. We then work with an installer to confirm media player is operating correctly at site. ComQi also reviews Media Player next day to confirm operations have remained stable.
  • EnGage Site Setup:
    Creation within the EnGage Site Hierarchy of individual sites in accordance with the network structure; also includes assigning corresponding objects, setting site attributes (such as contact details and time zone) and creating site schedules for screen control.
  • OnSite Manager User Setup
    Creation of OSM User Logins and associating each user login with access to the correct sites to ensure that the correct permissions are given to each user to control the correct screen.


  • Content Consultancy:
    Advise you on the optimal content strategy based on experience with deploying successful networks. We will assist you in setting measurable performance criteria to determine network success and in the reporting and review of these metrics.
  • Content Creation:
    Work with you to create a Content Scope which will define the look and feel of content to be produced then manage the content production process. Of course, all content is passed by you for final approval prior to being scheduled to the network.
  • Content Management:
    Manage updates to content, ranging from uploading new content files, scheduling content in and out of rotation, targeting content to the correct locations, and reviewing Proof-of-Play reporting. ComQi runs all of the new content in a test environment to perform quality assurance prior to publishing out to the network.
  • OSM Template Creation:
    Creation of OnSite Manager templates, which can include both visual presentation of template and functionality. This service also includes administration to make templates available within OSM system.


ComQi’s Technical Services team bring years of experience in delivering engaging customer facing solutions to every engagement. With their deep insights into the EnGage platform, they can augment your team, or deliver a complete solution. ComQi takes the approach where you put your brand’s challenges and goals in the hands of our experienced designers and collaborate with you to tell your story. Services include:

  • Analysis:
    Our analysts and creatives can engage with all stakeholders and ensure alignment on requirements, feasibility and ROI.
  • Ideation and Design:
    Brainstorm to determine how best to leverage technology to engage your consumer. We can propose approaches and deliver system designs and architecture.
  • Content Development:
    We can provide art direction, create wires and comps, and both static and dynamic content. Or we can work with your agency of record and incorporate their assets.
  • Software Development:
    Our professional services team works side by side with our R&D organization to ensure alignment with the platform’s capabilities and to leverage the latest technology.
  • Project Management:
    Project managers keep everyone on track, ensure timely delivery, and clear messaging to all stakeholders.


Four Tiers of CSD are available:

  • Standard:
    SaaS Monitoring for overall EnGage uptime, support portal access, ComQi investigation of suspected software bugs, quarterly CSD reporting.
  • Enhanced:
    Basic support plus Field Support Service for technicians troubleshooting on-site hardware issues and recommendations on content management issues as part of second line support for Client’s 1st Line Staff (not end-user support), monthly CSD reporting.
  • Proactive:
    All of the above, plus Site Monitoring for Player Disconnects & Panel Status Errors, weekly CSD Reporting.
  • Custom:
    ComQi will work with your requirements to build a custom SLA to meet requirements such as local language inbound call support, warranty & service call management, preventive maintenance, or any other requirements.