Successful, rapid deployments across Global networks

At ComQi, we cover your project from conception to completion and then we ensure that you have the support in place to maintain the ongoing health of your network.

We've developed a meticulous process for deployments that that we apply to proof of concept and successful rollouts that support thousands of screens globally.

Our network deployments follow 7 phases:

1. Discovery & Network Planning
2. Content & Programming preparation
3. Deployment Planning & Go Live Preparation
4. Training
5. In-Venue Deployment
6. Network Live
7. Ongoing Network Health
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Network Takeover

Making the most of your current system

Besides onboarding new customers, a major part of our business is doing takeovers of digital signage networks that are already deployed. In fact, we have become specialists in this work. If you are not getting results, your solution is not delivering, or you have high levels of failures in the technology, we can help. Our objective is to utilize as much of your existing infrastructure as possible. We will evaluate the technology you have in place, decide what infrastructure can be reused, and recommend upgrades where necessary. 

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Grand Visual specializes in digital creative production for travel retail and out-of-home screens in over 70 markets around the world.

Content Production

We help you define and implement your strategy

Just as important as choosing the right hardware and software solutions, your Content Strategy is crucial to your digital signage network success. We have 20 years of experience across multiple business verticals consulting with our customers on the right content strategy.

It begins by working with our customers to understand the objectives and outcomes you would like from your digital signage investment. Once this is defined we can utilize our knowledge to create a content strategy aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of the content.

Key to your content strategy is creating a long-term plan. Digital Signage networks require a plan for constant refreshment. If your network falls behind on delivering recent and relevant information, the customer will not see the displays as effective and will begin to ignore them.

Once we have your content strategy defined, ComQi will bring in any number of our content production partners to deliver on the specified scope of work. We will also be happy to work with your internal content production resources, or any content production house or agency you may already employ.

ComQi partner Freshwater Digital helps maximize our clients' investment in their digital display systems.

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Ready-made, licensed, infotainment content that makes your screens more valuable to your audience. Our content is automatically refreshed on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis to keep your viewers engaged.

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Content Management

Done by you or done with you. Your choice.

ComQi encourages our customers to manage their own content using  the robust toolset that the EnGage CMS provides. We are well known for being a solution that allows you to have complete control of all aspects of your network. We do not block your access and we do not have proprietary content formats or processes that force you to come back to us for content updates. Once you have activated a ComQi EnGage-based network, you will have complete control.

In the instance that you would not like to take on the content distribution, scheduling, and maintenance of content across your network, ComQi can provide these services. It is often the case that a new customer may want ComQi to provide this service until they feel comfortable managing the content and that is also part of our services as we onboard a new customer.