Stellar Digital Signage for Banks and Financial Institutions

As retail banking moves further into the world of digitalization, more financial institutions are investing in digital signage to elevate branches and deliver the engaging experience customers expect. From educating customers to promoting new products to driving upsell opportunities, digital signage offers an array of benefits.

To capture customer attention and improve the in-branch experience, it’s vital to work with an experienced financial institution digital signage supplier. At ComQi, we’re empowering banks to use digital to not only communicate with customers but also drive a full brand experience through built-in displays and carefully realized creative.

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Explore Financial Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage drives a message retention rate of 83%, double that of traditional marketing methods. To maximize the effectiveness of digital signage in retail banking, selecting the right display types is essential. That’s why Comqi provides a range of customizable display options.

Bank Lobby Displays

When it comes to digital signage, lobby displays offer an effective way to increase consumer awareness around new programs, products, and opportunities. Retail bank lobby displays can be used for sharing quick information that leads the conversation for consumers that choose to physically visit a branch.

Despite the increase in digital banking, 62% of customers still plan to visit and use in-branch services through 2024, according to reports from Business Insider. When these customers enter a branch, lobby displays can display timely, customized messages.

A great example of using digital lobby displays can be seen in branches with multiple active tellers. When paired with kiosk displays or even standalone, these displays are a great way for guests to not only get quick information and entertainment while waiting but to see how many other consumers are in line before them.


Interactive Kiosk Displays

Digital signage in retail banking is powerful, allowing you to match customers needs to solutions your bank offers. Kiosk displays can be configured to display available products that visitors can learn more about in real time.

For example, customers can explore features of different accounts, explore home equity and mortgage offerings and compare credit cards offered by your financial institution all from a kiosk. Additionally, when integrated with a bank’s internal system kiosks can serve as a place for easy appointment bookings and check ins.

Banks can leverage kiosks in a myriad of ways from collecting feedback to improving in-branch experience. Used well, digital signage improves the in-branch experience and can reduce perceived waiting time by as much as 35%, increasing customer satisfaction, as reported by Digital Signage Today.

Bank Window Displays

Bank window displays aid in driving foot traffic and provide multiple ways to connect with customers. While they're great to promote the bank itself, they can also be used to highlight important areas such as the location of ATMs.

Not only that, but some window displays can both highlight banking services and offer a level of protection for guests, blocking out views from outside of the bank.


Media Walls

Create an immersive customer experience with a high impact media wall. This monumental digital signage creates a memorable experience, making it ideal for flagship branch locations. These large impact displays can serve to increase brand awareness with specific messaging or spark customer connection with interactive content. By showcasing content on a large media wall, banks create a lasting impression.

Elevate Customer Experience
with Branch Digital Signage

Consumer connection starts outside of the bank, meaning that many customers like having multi-channel access. Whether placed in exterior windows, teller areas, bank lobbies or meeting rooms, digital screens build awareness of the many ways to access the bank. Use bank signage to promote in-branch and digital banking services as well as special offerings. From educating to entertaining, digital signage improves the customer experience.

Connect with Banking Customers


Building consumer trust is essential. For major financial decisions, most consumers still prefer in-branch access to hold face-to-face conversations. With the right messaging, digital bank signage can help establish and reinforce brand trust.

This is a quick and easy way to plant the seed that might lead to a new investment or financial decision within the bank.

Promote Upcoming Offers


Advertisement is easy when it comes to digital signage in banking. The interchangeability of media at the click of a button ensures you have the ability to update and display promotional offers for as long or as little as you need, all at the click of a button.

Not only is this informational, but it can reduce the labor needed to put out physical displays branch by branch.

Educate In-Branch Visitors


Bank digital signage can be used to answer customer questions and provide information on financial news and updates. The messaging can be tailored depending on the time of year and the needs of local customers.

For example, signage can feature tips on filing taxes leading up to tax season or promote bank services that customers may not know about. In short, using signage to educate brings value to guests and helps establish trust.


Why Financial Institutions Use ComQi Digital Signage

The reality is that digital signage is making waves and improving services worldwide. With ComQi's digital signage solutions, you can offer end-to-end banking solutions that provide consumers with flexible messaging, targeted to their unique financial needs. With personalized content and effortless management, digital signage greatly enhances the consumer experience.

Easy & Effective Messaging

Enjoy quick-to-market content creation that aligns with your branding guidelines. ComQi provides the tools needed to keep content fresh and customize it to suit the needs of specific locations. That way, your digital signage supports your marketing and communication strategies.

Location-Specific Displays

Have a promotion or product that's only available in certain areas? Update your digital media remotely and with ease for those locations only. This allows you to run media across the board at branches while maintaining individual control while selecting media based on location-specific needs. Connect with consumers in a more individualized way by providing them with important local updates.

Customizable Screens

The world is your oyster when it comes to managing your displays. Retain full control over what consumers are seeing on screen. Comqi’s digital signage allows you to create, adjust, update, and change out content at the click of a button. You can customize your screens depending on service types and maximize consumer experience with our bank digital signage solutions.