Digital Directories and Wayfinding Solutions

Help your visitors get where they are going, faster. Replace bland, easy-to-miss paper directory signage with bold, dynamic digital signs to capture attention, provide clear directions, and get everyone to where they need to be.

Help your visitors to get where they are going.

It’s easy to get lost when you’re visiting a large building or complex. Digital directory software can display interactive directories and clear floor plans with turn-by-turn directions. Whether your guest is trying to get to an appointment on time, or looking for the hot new restaurant that recently opened in your building, make it hassle-free for them to find their way with digital directories.

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Digital Signage in Hotel Lobby

Engage Your Visitors with Interactive Kiosks

An interactive kiosk provides an elevated experience for visitors that paper signage could never replicate.

A search tool lets guests find a tenant or office quickly, or they browse through categories. Not only that, but touchscreen signage allows you to offer more information about employees, building tenants, or other services and amenities. While you have their attention, serve ads from retail tenants or nearby businesses to both inform guests and increase your ROI.

Elevate Your Brand

Paper signage is outdated and expensive to replace.

Modernize the look of your lobby and hallways with beautiful, dynamic digital displays. When a digital directory is not in use, use the signs to share helpful information like local weather, company social media feeds, or educational videos about your brand.


Easily Update Your Displays with EnGage CMS

ComQi’s digital signage content management system, EnGage CMS, makes it simple to deploy content across your facilities. Easy-to-use templates empower your staff to create dynamic, eye-catching displays without needing graphic design or programming skills.

The cloud-based system lets you easily create and deploy content to one or more of your screens from anywhere, all in a few clicks. This means that any time a new tenant moves in or people switch offices, you can easily and efficiently update your wayfinding signage in real time.

Who Can Benefit from Digital Wayfinding Kiosks?

Any type of business can use digital wayfinding signs to make a visit easier for a guest or customer. Digital signs not only provide directions for where they want to go, they can share other information to inform guests. 

Here are a few of the ways digital signs can benefit businesses:

Help guests find their rooms or amenities easily. Interactive wayfinding signs can do more than just provide directions — they can let guests know about your amenities, rewards programs, or happy hour specials in your restaurant. Digital wayfinding signs can clearly display agendas and room locations during conferences or events.

Touchscreen directories let guests quickly find the location of the store they need. Sorting by categories introduces them to new stores they may not be aware of, which increases business for everyone. Wayfinding signs can also show ads or promos from the various tenants, giving them more visibility while providing you an extra source of income.

It’s easy to get confused in a large building or office complex. Wayfinding signs help visitors get to meetings and appointments on time. Thanks to how easy it is to update digital signage, you can quickly update information any time an employee changes offices or a new hire comes aboard.

Hospital visitors are often already stressed, so making it easy for them to find their way is a kindness. Plus, with digital wayfinding, visitors won’t need to ask busy staff for directions. Not only that, but when visitors aren’t wandering around lost, it frees up precious space in the hallways so medical staff can move about quickly.

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