10 Lucrative Reasons to Choose Cloud-Server Digital Signage

As advertising and marketing evolve, so does the need for innovative and effective methods of reaching potential customers. Cloud-server digital signage offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of marketing, making it an increasingly popular choice for businesses large and small. Are you looking for a way to improve your business? If so, cloud-server digital signage may be the perfect solution for you! 

There are many reasons why this type of signage is becoming increasingly popular, and we will outline 10 of them in this blog post. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cloud-server digital signage!

What Is Cloud-Server Digital Signage?

Cloud-server digital signage is a cloud-based content management system that allows users to create, manage and deliver digital signage content from a central cloud-based server. Cloud-server digital signage allows businesses to remotely manage and update their signage content from a central location without needing on-site IT staff or costly hardware.

10 Reasons to Choose a Cloud-Server Digital Signage System

There are plenty of reasons to choose cloud-based digital signage for your business. Here are just 10 of the most lucrative:

1. Scalability and Flexibility

A cloud-server digital signage system increases scalability and flexibility by allowing content to be distributed from a centralized location. Scalability and flexibility make managing and updating content on many displays easy. If you need to add more displays to your digital signage network, it is effortless to do so with a cloud-based system. You can simply contact your cloud provider and purchase additional licenses as needed. 

With an on-premises system, you need to buy new hardware and software and install it yourself. It also allows different displays without installing software on each device. For example, you can use a mix of displays, such as TVs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, without worrying about compatibility issues.

Additionally, because the content is delivered through the cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This flexibility allows businesses to deploy signage campaigns globally quickly and easily.

2. Increased Reliability and Uptime

Digital signage systems that use cloud-based servers are much more reliable and have higher uptimes than those that rely on on-premises servers. This is because cloud servers are located off-site, meaning they are not subject to the same physical risks as on-premises servers. For example, if there is a power outage at your office, your on-premises server will go offline, but your cloud server will continue to operate as usual.

 Plus, if your on-premises server experiences a hardware failure, you will need to wait for replacement parts to arrive and install them yourself. With a cloud server, someone else takes care of all of this for you. All you need to do is contact the customer support team of your cloud provider.

3. Remote Management and Monitoring

 Cloud-server digital signage offers remote management and monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to keep an eye on their signs from anywhere in the world. It is a valuable feature for businesses with multiple locations or those with signs in hard-to-reach places.

Through cloud-based software, you can manage your messages, media, and users from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You can also monitor your network’s performance in real-time to address any issues before they become a problem. Remote management and monitoring save you both time and money by allowing you to troubleshoot remotely and ensuring that your digital signage system is always running smoothly.

4. Enhanced Security

Cloud-server digital signage comes with enhanced security features, giving businesses peace of mind that their signs are safe from tampering or theft. A few key ways in which a cloud-server digital signage system enhances security. First, by using a cloud-based server, you can avoid the need to install and maintain your server infrastructure. 

Second, because your content is hosted off-site on a secure server, you can easily update and manage your signage content from any location with an internet connection. Lastly, cloud security measures like firewalls and data encryption keep your signage content safe and secure from unauthorized access.

5. Rich Feature  Set

 Cloud-server digital signage offers a rich feature set, including support for multimedia content, interactive applications, and real-time data integration. The rich feature set makes it a powerful tool for businesses that want to create engaging and informative signs.

 Another great thing about this type of system is it’s very user-friendly. You don’t need any special training or software to be able to create and manage your signs. You can easily customize your content to match your brand or business.

6. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud-server digital signage has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional on-premise solutions, making it a more affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based systems often have lower up-front costs than traditional signage systems since there is no need to purchase and install expensive hardware. In addition, cloud providers typically offer pay-as-you-go pricing models that can further lower your costs.

7. Open Platform

Cloud-server digital signage is based on an open platform; meaning businesses can choose from a wide range of compatible hardware and software solutions. This allows businesses to select the best products for their needs and budget.

8. Better Performance

Cloud-based systems offer better performance than traditional on-premise solutions, with faster processing and loading times. This is a big advantage for businesses that need their signs to be highly responsive.

9. Future-Proof Solution 

Cloud-server digital signage is a future-proof solution that can be easily updated and expanded. This makes it an investment that will pay off for years to come.

10. Improved Disaster Recovery

If your on-premise digital signage system goes down, recovering your content can be difficult and costly. However, cloud-based systems typically offer automatic backups and disaster recovery features that can help you quickly get back up and running.

Why Should You Use ComQi?

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