Why a Cloud-based CMS is your only digital signage management solution

Digital signage is an effective tool for attracting potential customers, increasing sales, and creating a unique and memorable experience that leads to repeat business and positive buzz. At the heart of any digital signage solution is a content management system, or CMS. If you are new to the world of digital signage, it’s important to understand what a digital signage CMS is, and why finding the right one helps ensure success for your signage implementation.

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A digital signage CMS is where you create, upload, and manage content for your digital signage network. A powerful CMS can do more than just manage content, it also lets you check the health and stability of your digital signs, LCD screens, media players etc, no matter where in the world they are located. While there are many types of digital signage content management systems available, for convenience, ease-of-use, and scalability, a cloud-based CMS is the best choice.

Why Should You Use a Cloud-Based Digital Signage CMS?

There are many reasons to use a cloud-based CMS. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits.

Remote Management 

Using a cloud-based CMS empowers your team to update content for one or thousands of  locations seamlessly in a few clicks.

Always Be Up-to-Date

When content can be changed quickly, your specials and promotions will always be current. You can also use digital signage to share time-sensitive information like low inventory or out-of-stock items, emergency weather information, or a room change for an event.

Increase Team Buy-in 

Cloud-based content management software makes it easy for non-technical or creative staff to deploy engaging content. Invite users from marketing, sales, and local managers to customize their promotions, daily specials, or content targeting internal teams. Their involvement will help get all stakeholders excited about the potential impact of your digital signage platform. ComQi has a specific toolset for this local user called OnSite CMS.

Seamless Integrations 

A cloud-based CMS can use APIs to retrieve data and integrate with third-party applications such as social media, news, local events, POS systems, or weather widgets. This lets you have more customization of your system and content options at your fingertips.

Scalability for the Future

With a cloud-based CMS, you can easily add new features, updates, and new devices as needed. Opening new locations? Simply integrate your new digital signs into your CMS. The EnGage (insert link) CMS allows for seamless integration of new locations.  All API and integrated platforms will flow thru automatically after installation.  All of this is done in just a few clicks. Our EnGage platform will grow with you allowing for high scalability without our customers being concerned of having to add and or manage systems on their infrastructure.

Effortless Digital Signage Content Updates

Create, schedule, and publish engaging content through our intuitive, easy-to-use EnGage CMS. A modern content management system uses tools similar to the ones your team is already familiar with and is easy for new employees to learn quickly.

A cloud-based CMS gives you full control of scheduling new content, allowing you to target specific audiences by having certain content play at various locations at just the right time. For instance, if your hotel is hosting a wedding party, you can broadcast a customized media program (videos and photos)  in the event space during the reception. Your restaurant located down the block from a music festival can display music-themed specials just for that day, at that location only. Retail stores can offer promotions based on what’s trending in that area.

If a promotion isn’t delivering the ROI you expected, modify it easily and test different versions. With a cloud-based CMS you can create specialized content and change it quickly and effortlessly.

Check out these digital signage case studies to see some of the ways businesses utilize digital displays and cloud-based content management software.

What to Look for in a Digital Signage CMS

When you are ready to look for a digital signage CMS, there are many factors to consider. All the benefits we’ve talked about so far should be on your wish-list, but there are a few other things to look for as well, such as the following:

Web-Based and Device Agnostic

For convenience and cost-savings, a web-based, device-agnostic solution is the way to go. This means you can access your CMS from anywhere, over any web browser on the devices you already own.


You want a solution that can grow with you and do exactly what you need it to. Look for a CMS that integrates with other apps through widgets and APIs to build the platform that’s right for you.

Sends Alerts & Notifications

You can’t be in front of your devices at all times, so it’s important to get a system that sends alerts about playback issues, storage space, temperature, and more. With a cloud-based system, you can quickly troubleshoot and restart, reboot, or update firmware as needed.

Easy Reporting and Operations Management

Access one dashboard to find important data like the state of the network, content status, and share information with other users. Generate reports to see content schedules and campaign performance, and customize the report settings to pull the information you need, when you want it.

Ready to find the right digital signage CMS system for your business? Learn more about ComQi’s EnGage CMS.

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