How Cloud Based Digital Signage Can Boost Your Holiday Success

The biggest holidays of the year are speeding our way and, as retailers, the busiest shopping season of the year is here. With digital media taking the world by storm, it’s no surprise that competing for consumers’ attention is more challenging than ever before. Fortunately, cloud-based digital signage can help you get a foot in the door and prepare your storefronts for the most festive activities.

When you need reliable, attention-grabbing marketing, digital signage is the key turn solution you’ve been looking for. With the right digital media, you can rejuvenate and strengthen the customer experience. 

How Cloud-Based Digital Signage is Changing Retail for the Better

In a digital world, digital media is essential. Cloud-based digital signage can increase and improve your outreach, expanding reachability and promoting consumer retention. From interchangeability to full access to your marketing plan 24/7, digital improvements give you the upper hand to stand out when needed.

The stats don’t lie when they say that:

  • 68% of shoppers state that they choose to purchase from a retailer after they’ve seen digital signage.
  • 76% say they’re more likely to visit a store to check out the products after looking at that signage.
  • 30% of the time, those shoppers become repeat buyers.

As a retailer, your digital signage is part of your virtual footprint. It’s often the key to that first impression that entertains the idea of a shopper visiting your store or not. Moving images, videos, interactive touchscreens, and media allow consumers to feel connected to your brand or message. This acts as a soft touch in building that retail-to-customer relationship.

Benefits of Digital Signage

There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to having cloud-based digital signage. In truth, the benefits are only continuing to grow as technology expands. Virtual displays are an active olive branch that helps make that initial connection with the consumer. From promoting sales to showcasing high-quality products, loyalty programs, and more – digital signage gives you the ability to continuously increase customer engagement.

As the holidays approach, taking advantage of digital signage is essential for increasing ROI as a retailer. Here are just a few ways ComQi’s cloud-based digital signage can help you prepare for the holidays with a top-quality marketing strategy.

  • Remote accessibility – stress less about errors and adjust content from the convenience of your CMS dashboard.
  • Seamless presentation – multi-screen displays allow you to get more creative and create a sense of connectivity for consumers.
  • Real-time media access – schedule, update, and change media at the click of a button.

Delegating content-related tasks has never been easier. You can access templates, re-use designs with translucent, opaque, or solid overlays, and much more. Digital signage allows you to stay in the present, adjusting media and content as needed in order to make shoppers feel like they’re always gaining access to the next best products. 

Ways Digital Signage can Drive Success with a Holiday Strategy 

While the end of the year is packed full of holidays, there’s at least one well-known holiday every month of the year. Digital signage can give you the ability to plan ahead so that you’re never struggling to piece things together last minute. With cloud-based digital signage, you can adjust the graphics by theme, preview the aesthetic appeal of the display, and easily track how consumers engage with the appeal of your new marketing strategy. 

Even with basic digital signage, content is king when it comes to the retail world. More than 95% of consumers rely on social media and the digital world for at least one purchase during their shopping experience each year. 

On top of advanced scheduling, cloud-based digital signage allows you to save money on design, labor, and time. When it’s time for content to be finished and changed out, digital signage provides you with self-terminating scheduling, getting rid of outdated advertisements and replacing them with the next media prepared.

For example, once Black Friday is over, your displays can auto-replace content with your next big sale. Plan to extend a holiday promotion? You can utilize the same content with alternate or add-on text alerting customers that they have a little more time to take advantage of great deals. 

Sales aren’t the only way you can use digital signage to promote the need to know information and connect with shoppers. You can use displays to communicate holiday hours, highlight MVP members of staff, add exciting countdowns, and even host contests or giveaways. This type of content can add an extra boost when it comes to making a personal connection with potential shoppers, and it doesn’t impact the ability to display sales, promotions, and other important media. 

How ComQi’s CMS Redirects and Improves ROI

Using multimedia displays, interactive kiosks, and LED video walls, ComQi introduces you to all-inclusive cloud-based digital signage. Through unique CMS programming, we allow you to take full control over the workflow of your content media with convenience. Using end-to-end solutions, you’re able to follow and adjust the processes as content rolls out, without jumping through a million hoops to do so.

ComQi’s EnGage CMS programming allows you to create eye-catching digital displays without needing experience in graphic design or programming. Easy to understand, interactive cloud-based content management ensures you always have access to your designs and control over them when it’s time to launch, adjust, or replace them. 

Real-time accessibility allows you to easily manage one or multiple displays from anywhere. Launch new media without the need for physical handling and take advantage of:

  • Full-scale installation and implementation
  • Dedicated support with automated, 24/7 remote service response
  • Retail Content Production and Content Management that aligns with your goals from day one

The holidays don’t have to feel stressful and overly competitive when it comes to the latest technology or digital displays. Get in front of your marketing plans with ComQi’s retail digital signage solutions

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