How to Use Digital Menu Boards to Boost Restaurant Sales

Digital media isn’t just for the common day celebrity or influencer anymore. In fact, it’s for everyone and every business. Whether you’re in retail, working the corporate scale, or you’re a restaurant owner crafting up delicious bites for all of us foodies out there – digital media has made more than a splash in how we interact and spend money.

When it comes to the operations that make a great eatery so phenomenal, staying up to date with the latest digital trends can help you boost sales and become a local favorite. A great way to boost sales is by utilizing solutions such as restaurant digital signage and digital menu boards to streamline the dining experience.

Let’s dive into ways you can use digital menu boards to boost restaurant sales and discuss how they can help you improve the customer experience while optimizing your workflow. 

Digital Menu Boards Offer Improved Accessibility 

Ease of accessibility is a major player in how consumers shop in every industry, and that’s one reason digital menu boards are gaining popularity. With a digital menu board, customers can seamlessly review the products you offer, making discovering new favorites and ordering an easier process. For example, you can enlarge the displayed font, highlight menu favorites, and more.

From tablets to hanging LED screens, and even scannable codes that populate the current menu – all of these are forms of digital menu boards that are more than the next big trend. Not only do they improve accessibility, but some forms of digital menus even allow customers to order directly from the virtual menu. This can lessen the risk of potential miscommunication when taking orders and help ensure they receive the dishes they want. 

One final benefit of utilizing a digital menu board in your restaurant or establishments is that they’re interchangeable. With digital menu boards, you can add, update, do away with, and alter menu items easily. This offers a level of transparency, is a great way to showcase best selling items with a ‘sold out’ highlight, and gives customers instant access to the latest appetizers and entrees, side dishes, and desserts. 

Optimize Communication

Digital menu boards aren’t just great for improving the customer experience via accessibility, but they’re also a great way to refine communication. With digital menu boards, you can upload them to interactive kiosks that allow customers to take control of the ordering experience. This is great for improving turn-around responses and reducing wait times for customers.

By improving the communication process using different forms of digital signage, you can improve sales strategically and easily via virtual communication. It’s also an easy and efficient way to upsell items and promote impulsive buying without needing to glamorize or heavily market them. 

Let’s look at an example:

Digital menu boards that are implemented using interactive kiosks can boost connectivity across the whole house. When an order is placed using digital signage solutions, it can be immediately sent to the kitchen where cooks can begin preparing and making it. Not only does this potentially reduce the wait time a little bit, but it can also lessen the risk of a customer receiving a wrong order or an item differently than they wanted (ie., no pickles on a burger).

By creating a better connective balance, customers are able to directly communicate what they want and can feel more included and listened to or seen in the process. This can encourage them to order more, return for another great meal, and potentially leave a larger tip for the hardworking staff. 

Increase in Overall Operational Efficiency 

Implementing digital menus can be revolutionary. Now, allowing customers to have a more interactive experience with their order selection is one thing, but these virtual menus are also great at improving an eatery’s entire workflow process. From communication to tracking sales, storing much-needed data, and saving money on printed products, there’s no shortage of perks. 

Digital menu boards can take away from the redundancy of waitstaff going back and forth to tables and allow them to focus on other tasks such as keeping the dining area clean, welcoming guests as they come in, and stocking front-of-the-house items. If a customer needs their attention for a refill or their bill, it’s all accessible with the click of a button or a simple “excuse me”. 

Restaurant digital signage is also a great way to promote things like a loyalty program, seasonal items, and more. With interactive digital menu boards, customers can experience an improved checkout process by accessing their bill directly from the kiosk or tablet. This can also be a great time to collect customer emails and phone numbers or encourage them to opt-in for promotional deals. All of this helps build rapport and can encourage them to return for another great experience while ensuring employees are able to focus on managing and maintaining the workflow of the establishment.

Quick Recap of Benefits:

  • Improved readability and accessibility for customers
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Reduced wait times 
  • Improved upselling and promotions
  • Strengthened restaurant-to-customer rapport

Let ComQi Improve Your Restaurant Digital Signage

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