Digital Signage Content: How To Get The Most Out of Your Digital Signage

Digital screens are fundamental marketing platforms that allow organizations to display critical information to a large audience. For example, retail outlets use digital signage content as an attention-grabbing aspect that can direct customers to various products, highlight product discounts, or even assist in buying.

However, installing your cloud-based digital signage doesn’t mean you’ll get the maximum impact you’re looking for from the audience. Therefore, you must go to the next step and ensure you’ve adopted some strategic approaches that enable the audience to see and act on your digital signage. This article discusses some creative tips on how to get the most out of your digital screens.

Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Digital Signage Content

You need to develop some creative techniques to enable your retail business to get the most out of your digital signage. Of course, multiple attention-seeking aspects such as print, discount tags, and product displays compete with Media walls. However, following the tips below will ensure that customers pay attention to your digital signage.

1. Focus on Visibility and Legibility

Visibility is a fundamental aspect that you should specifically analyze as you install your digital signage. Without clear visibility, it will be hard to reinforce the role of your digital screen. You need to select a strategic location where almost everyone entering your business can see the digital screens. Putting your video wall at the entrance is highly recommended compared to putting it at the end of your store.

Besides paying attention to visibility, it’s critical to consider legibility. Your customers don’t only need to see your screens, but they want to see your content. Therefore, you should pay attention to the font you’re using to display your marketing content and ensure it’s legible even from a distance.

2. Follow Your Brand Standards and Guidelines

A brand standard or guideline stipulates the compilation of written and visual standards regarding the expression of your brand. In this case, you must focus on consistency as you create and display your content on the media wall. Any deviation from your brand guideline will likely damage your brand’s value and industrial reputation.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the visual representation of the video wall, the type of content you’ll be publishing, and the colors used in displaying your content. Essentially, you don’t want your video wall to distort a brand that has been built for many years.

3. Consider Dwell Times Based On Viewing Context

Although highly ignored, dwell time is essential in determining how you’ll program your signage. You might be tempted to display each piece of content for several seconds, regardless of the type of content. This is common for marketers with a massive range of content to show within the day.

Although sharing the limited time between content is fundamental, it’s essential to prioritize some marketing messages. Based on viewing context, some content needs more dwell time than others. Also, you need to ensure that customers have ample time to read and digest your content.

4. Consider the 3×5 Text Rule.

In digital signage and content display, the 3×5 rule is highly recommended. Using this rule, you’ll limit the amount of text on display to three lines with five words each. Alternatively, you can consider a content display with five lines of five words each.

As a marketer, you already know that the target audience will not waste time reading a block of text. It’s not only time-consuming but also cumbersome. So, you need to make it more straightforward, precise, and direct to the point, using fewer lines and fewer words.

5. Use the Highest Resolution Possible

It’s common for digital marketers to ignore resolution as a fundamental practice in digital signage. That’s why some of the media walls have not been making the intended impact in the stores. Instead, you need to ensure your display mode is at the highest level to promote visibility, grab attention, and display precise content and sharp product images.

Therefore, you need to select digital display hardware with the highest resolution. Noteworthy, modern digital display hardware systems will provide higher resolution than those in the market for more than five years.

6. Share Different Content at Different Times of Day

It’s essential to have a strategic approach to how you’ll be using your digital screen throughout the day. With a clear direction on dayparting your content, it will be easier to manage the platform and ensure that you’re getting maximum output from your investment.

For example, you can use content that targets breakfast products in the morning because there is a higher chance that most of the customers in your store are shopping for breakfast. This is also the best time to ensure that you’re communicating some crucial details that don’t need the attention of every other audience in your store.

However, chances are your store will have the highest traffic in the evening. Therefore, this is the appropriate time to display the bulk of your marketing content to grab the attention of the highest number possible. It’s also the most appropriate time to communicate critical details that affect a significant number of your customers.

7. Consider Your Audience and The Information They Need

It’s common for retail outlets and other businesses to install digital screens without a clear idea of how they’ll use such platforms. You can avoid this mistake by conducting detailed research on your audience and what they need.

Remember, digital signage is supposed to communicate to a specific audience. Therefore, you must know the audience beforehand and understand what they’re likely to consume. Then, using this creative approach, you can develop and display custom content that directly addresses the needs of your target audience.

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