Guide to the Digital Signage Installation Process

Installing digital displays in your retail business is a good idea. Digital signage installation has become a common undertaking for businesses that want to move away from traditional billboard displays. Going digital has proven to be more effective and attractive for companies focusing on customer experience. 

InfoTrends indicates that digital signs can increase brand awareness by roughly 47.7%. As a result, companies installing digital signage focus on enhancing the customer experience while building brand awareness in the competitive world.

What is the Digital Signage Installation Process?

Digital signage installation follows a unique process for maximum impact. Although there are some similarities with the traditional billboard displays, there are some significant differences that you need to know before considering digital signage installation.

Network Planning

In digital signage installation, network planning involves identifying the best source of connectivity to keep your content flowing smoothly. Ethernet generally is more reliable, but isn’t always the most practical option. For outdoor digital displays, you can also consider a wireless or cellular connection.

The success of your digital signage displays depends on an internet connection, so you must work on getting the most reliable internet source.Placement: Where Will Your Signs Go?

The location of your video wall might sound obvious, but you need to think about it. Essentially, you want to place your display in an area where it will have maximum impact. Therefore, putting your digital signage in a location where most people will see it makes sense. 

However, you don’t just want your digital screen to be seen by a maximum number of people. You want the relevant traffic to see the relevant content on display. For example, you cannot bury a wayfinding kiosk deep into the mall. You should place it at the entrance or intersections. 

Hardware: What types of Screens and Media Players Will You Use?

There are multiple options to consider when it comes to the digital display hardware. However, LCD screens have been the ultimate screens for digital signage for many years. They’re lighter than plasma screens, relatively affordable, and have resolutions of up to 4K. However, if your signs will be in a bright environment you may need something with higher contrast and brightness.

Deployment Planning & Go Live Preparation

Deployment planning is a crucial stage of your digital installation process. First, you must establish your goals before going live. This will assist you in evaluating how well the installation will meet your objectives. 

Before deployment and going live, you need to develop a deployment design. ComQi can help you with any deployment planning and preparation for going live with your signage installation.

This detailed level contains step-by-step instructions on how your digital signage will be applied in the field. A straightforward deployment design eliminates cost overruns, unhappy customers, bad installs, and revisits. 

In-Venue Deployment & Content Production

In-venue deployment, it’s essential to work with an expert to help you make critical decisions. For example, you want your video displays to be in heavily trafficked areas where your customers will most likely see them. However, you don’t want your screens to be affected by direct sunlight as this could damage your screen or cause glare, unless it’s a LED screen. 

Also, you need to have your content management plan ready from the beginning. You can outline important messages, images, and calls to action. Planning which types of content you will display across your signage network will ensure that your content has the strongest impact on your audience.

Ongoing Network Health

You might not know this, but, as with any technology, the chances are that an error will occur at some point. Develop a clear plan for addressing the error and the probable technician who can help you eliminate such issues. With ComQi’s cloud-based signage solutions you can troubleshoot your signage remotely from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Digital Signage

You now have explicit knowledge of how the digital signage installation process flows. However, there are some fundamental factors you need to consider before installing your video wall. 

What is the purpose of your digital signage?

Your purpose for installing a video wall will probably inform all other decisions you’ll make. Therefore, you must come up with a conclusive reason before taking the next step. First, you need to understand who will see the signage. What do you want to communicate, and how do you want the target viewers to respond? 

If you’re using video walls for advertising, you need to communicate; the product, price, who can buy, how they can buy, and how they will benefit from the product.

Which Types of Displays will Work Best in Your Space?

As discussed earlier, you can consider multiple types of displays for your digital signage. First, however, you need to know the best presentation that will provide maximum results for your organization. If you’re planning on using your signage in external windows, you’ll need displays with the best resolution and contrast to maximize their impact.

What is Your Content Strategy for Your Signage?

During the content design stage, you focused on content production. The majority of the businesses focus on internal content generation, but you can always outsource from digital marketing experts. 

Besides paying attention to content production, you need to consider who will approve the content before display. Remember, millions see digital displays, and sensitive content affecting race, religion, culture, and gender can easily damage the reputation of your business. 

Finally, it’s essential to determine how often your content will be refreshed. Timing is critical in digital displays. Therefore, you must ensure that each piece of content gets sufficient time on the video wall before replacing it. 


As you can see, the digital signage installation process is a seamless technical approach. However, in each stage, some complex technical aspects may require the assistance of a digital signage expert.

At ComQi, we can assist your business in digital signage installation. We’ve been in this industry, and we know what it takes to make video walls work. We provide cost-effective digital signage solutions and installations that can elevate your in-venue experiences. 

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