Guide to Digital Signage for Employee Communications

If an eye-catching digital display has ever influenced you to make an impulse purchase at the register, helped you find your way through a large building, or kept you entertained with health tips while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, then you know the power digital signage screens have to inform and entertain.

The uses for digital signage are numerous, and they aren’t limited to commercial or hospitality sectors. Digital signage for employee communications can elevate your internal communication strategies to do more than just inform employees, but to also improve morale and company loyalty.

Keep reading to find out how digital signage can amplify your corporate communications. 

Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Internal Communication

Email inboxes get congested. Notifications over chat programs like Slack or Teams are easily missed. Paper posters are costly and become out-of-date quickly. Modernize your communications with eye-catching digital displays that allow you to share important information in a way that will make employees take notice. Capture their attention with multimedia like photos, or videos — digital signage is easy to update and helps you communicate with your employees effectively and memorably. 

Employee Engagement

There are countless ways to engage and delight employees by using digital signage —  when it’s this easy to create and deploy content, you’re really only limited by whatever rules your comms and legal teams have in place! 

Boost morale by using digital signage to highlight special achievements, birthdays, and work anniversaries. Strengthen the bond between teammates by sharing team bios so they can get to know each other better. Take team building a step further and let employees submit personal shout-outs to thank or congratulate other teammates. These are the special touches that employees appreciate and make them feel positively about your company — and potentially talk about to people outside the company. There’s nothing like a positive employee testimonial to cast your brand in a flattering light! 

Human Resources can take advantage of digital signage by using it for onboarding, sharing updates to policies, and creating surveys that employees can quickly take while passing through the break room. A bright and lively digital sign is going to generate more excitement and entice employees to read, watch, or participate in company initiatives with higher engagement than you’d get with a traditional all-staff email.

Better Office Environment

Even companies with the most basic of lobbies and break rooms will look fun and high-energy when digital signs are used correctly. Use digital signs to play local news, share company social media feeds, or play videos from a curated YouTube playlist. Guests will appreciate being entertained while they wait in the lobby, and employees will enjoy watching the content while they eat their lunch. 

Easier Wayfinding

Using digital displays for wayfinding and digital directories is a great way to improve a visit for guests and new employees, especially if you have a large building or complex. Touchscreen digital directories can provide turn-by-turn directions to help people find where they need to go, empowering them to get to appointments on time without requiring help from busy front desk staff. 

Streamline Meeting Room Bookings

Have you ever planned a meeting for multiple people only to get to the conference room and find it already in use? Or, you get to a conference room and walk in confidently, only to find out it’s not the meeting you’ve been invited to? Those days are over when you use digital screens to manage meeting room bookings! Using ComQi’s EnGage and Onsite content management systems, you can connect to your room booking software via their API. Once you’re up and running, the digital signs outside conference rooms can show what meeting is happening and when to eliminate confusion, and also make it easy to see that a room is available for a last-minute meeting. 

Internal Marketing and Promotion

Potential customers or clients aren’t the only people who need to know about your promotions — your employees do as well. While customer-facing employees certainly need to be in the loop, other employees can promote the company’s products and services to friends, family, and on their personal social media feeds. Use digital signs to help all employees understand what the company is offering and how to position it. 

Even though they may already be employees, you should never stop promoting the company to your teams to boost morale and increase employee retention. Use digital signs to reinforce the company missions and values. Share news and photos from company-sponsored volunteer events or other ways the company is giving back to the community.

Be transparent with your teams by displaying dashboards with sales goals and progress, and other metrics to help them feel like they know what’s going on with the company as whole, not just in their specific department. This helps employees feel part of the bigger picture and proud of their contribution. 

Corporate Communication and Announcements

As we already discussed, employees are bombarded with emails and chat notifications all day, so it’s very easy to tune out any important corporate messages that arrive via those channels. If you really want an employee to take notice, wrap your message in an eye-catching, multimedia bow. 

Digital signage is also helpful for engaging employees in internal programs such as health and wellness challenges, recruitment efforts, or other team building activities. Using digital signs to announce contests and winners will help train them to look at the signs more often — after all, who isn’t going to check the digital board if they know they may get a cool reward!

Scalable, Easily-Updated Communication

Creating content through the EnGage cloud-based CMS (content management system) allows multiple teams to customize and deploy their own content, should you allow it. That means everyone from Marketing to Legal to HR to Operations can post their important updates, keeping all teams up-to-date with just a few clicks.

Automated Content Updates with EnGage CMS

Comqi’s EnGage CMS makes it easy to schedule content to update displays in one or more of your office locations, providing important information to the people who need it. You can schedule content in advance, or send urgent notices on the fly, all from a cloud-based dashboard that’s accessible from anywhere via any type of device. Additionally, you can localize and customize content at various levels of your organization using ComQi’s Onsite CMS. 

A comprehensive content strategy is key to getting the most out of your digital signage. Our team can help you develop a long-term strategy, and even provide ready-made infotainment to your feeds to help keep content fresh. 

Check out these digital signage case studies to learn more about how businesses utilize cloud-based content management software to power their digital displays.

Why ComQi?

We Know Digital Signage.

For over two decades, ComQi has been trusted by the world’s largest brands to design, build, and manage memorable digital signage experiences. Our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way as you implement continuously fresh, eye-catching wall displays, and dynamic informational signage to bring your communication strategies to life. Our user-friendly content management system helps you create and implement enticing digital displays to share internal communications so your teams always feel in-the-know.

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