Healthcare Digital Signage and Media Players Improving Patient Experiences


The right digital signage solution can improve patient experiences in healthcare organizations by expediting patient check-in, providing useful healthcare tips, and keeping patients entertained to reduce perceived waiting times. Not only that, but by offering digital wayfinding screens and self-service kiosks, time is freed up for busy staff to focus on tasks that matter more.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Hospitals

Digital signage software for hospitals can be used to improve the patient experience and reduce the amount of help they need from staff.

Sharing curated content via digital signs makes it easy to communicate in an engaging way that will keep patients entertained and staff informed.


Improve Patient Experiences

Provide a pleasant patient experience by using digital signs for easy wayfinding, fast self check-in, and communicating estimated wait times. Playing dynamic content on digital signs to capture patients’ focus while they wait can help reduce potential anxiety about their appointment, and leave a positive impression of your healthcare brand.


Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Use digital displays in waiting rooms to keep patients and visitors entertained to reduce their perceived wait time. Broadcast infotainment content, doctor and staff bios, and entertainment programs to help them pleasantly pass the time.


Improve Internal Staff Communications

Busy staff may not have time to check emails, and paper flyers in the break room won’t always get their attention. Amplify employee communications with eye-catching digital signs to notify staff about policy changes, schedules, important updates, and more, to keep your teams up-to-date on what they need to know. Additionally, you can localize all of this content via Onsite - our revolutionary localized digital signage content management system.


Educate and Inform

Use curated educational content to both entertain and inform patients while they wait. Feature educational content with different themes each month, content aligned with a certain speciality, or basic health and wellness tips. You can also share news about services, promotions, or upcoming events. Updating digital signage through a cloud-based cms makes it easy to change promotions and campaigns as often as you like.

Uses for Digital Displays in Healthcare Settings

Digital displays have countless uses — customize your solution to include anything from video walls that share wellness tips and local news with waiting patients, to kiosk touchscreens for self check-in, to interactive directories that guide visitors where they need to go. Whether they are used for efficiency or entertainment, digital displays provide many enhancements to hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Interactive Kiosk Displays

Empowering patients with interactive kiosks not only helps them check-in faster, but takes the burden of administrative tasks from your staff.

Patients can check in, update their health and payment information, and schedule follow-up appointments all from one convenient touchscreen.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Guide patients through the facility with the help of digital wayfinding signs.

Interactive directories and turn-by-turn directions help patients find their way faster, getting them to appointments on time and keeping staff schedules running smoothly.


Digital Menu Boards

Improve efficiency in the cafeteria with digital menu boards.

Draw attention to daily specials and promotions, and clearly display required nutritional and allergen information. With the ability to update digital signs in real-time, it’s easy to remove out-of-stock items and add new ones as needed.

Marketing & Promotion for Your Practice

Providing a good patient experience is the best kind of promotion for your practice, and digital signage makes it easy to do just that.

Digital signs can also be used to promote partners, other services offered, and feature staff bios to create a more personal connection with patients.


Why Use ComQi for your Hospital or Healthcare Business?

For over two decades, ComQi has been trusted by the world’s largest brands to design, build, and manage memorable digital signage experiences. As an end-to-end service provider, our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way as you implement continuously fresh, eye-catching wall displays, and dynamic informational signage to bring your communication strategies to life. Our user-friendly content management system helps you create and implement enticing digital displays to share your messages to engage patients, inform staff, and keep your healthcare practice running smoothly.

Component 4 – 1

Content Production for Healthcare Facilities

What kind of visuals and messaging will engage waiting patients, how can you keep staff informed of new policies, and how can you highlight your brand more effectively? A thoughtful content strategy is critical in order to get the most out of your digital signage software. We’ll work with you to define your objectives and help create a long-term content strategy. We will train your internal content production team to deploy original content through our cloud-based CMS, or you can take advantage of our ready-made infotainment to always keep patients engaged with continuously fresh content.

Component 1 – 1

Service and Deployment

Our years of experience have helped us to develop and refine a meticulous deployment process. We work with you over seven phases to make sure your implementation is successful, guiding you through discovery and network planning such as choosing the best digital display hardware for your project, content and programming preparation, deployment and go-live planning, training, in-venue deployment, taking the network live, and monitoring your network health on an ongoing basis. We’ll be there every step of the way to exceed your expectations.

Component 3 – 1

EnGage Content Management System

Our digital signage content management system (CMS), EnGage, makes it simple to deploy content across their various facilities. However, if you don’t have the resources to handle your own content management, ComQi can provide this service until you’re ready to handle the task yourself.

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