How Hotels Can Use Digital Signage to Improve Guest Experiences

Travelers have many options when they book a stay, so it’s important to stand out from the mass of Airbnbs and competing hotels. Digital signage is a great way to do this — not just because dynamic displays are an excellent way to attract notice in the first place, but because of how they can be used to elevate the guest experience. From speeding up check-in to educating guests about your amenities, hotel digital signage is a must-have for any hotel looking to elevate their brand and delight visitors.

Speed Up The Check-In Process with Interactive Kiosks

Hotel guests are usually eager to get into their rooms to unwind after traveling. By using digital signage as interactive kiosks in the lobby, guests can expedite the check-in process by entering their information without having to wait for help from busy front desk staff. This convenience gets them on their way faster, which increases guest satisfaction. 

Interactive Digital Display for Hospitality

Even with self check-in, some wait time is likely. Use digital signage in your lobby to reduce perceived waiting times and showcase your brand. By providing entertaining videos, music, or information about local attractions, you’ll engage guests and help make their wait time more pleasurable. 

Travel Information and Virtual Concierge 

Help your guests stay on top of travel information and must-sees in the area with digital signage. Displays can show real time flight, train, and bus schedules, and allow guests to easily complete flight check-ins and obtain boarding passes before heading to the airport. 

Hotel digital signage can also act as a virtual concierge. Touchscreens can inform guests about local sites or attractions and allow them to purchase tickets. You can also promote local restaurants (for a fee, of course) and give guests the ability to make reservations from your kiosks. Guests will appreciate the information and your staff will love how a virtual concierge frees up the time they would spend answering questions. 

Keep Guests Updated About Your Latest Promotions and Events

Show off all your hotel has to offer from amenities to restaurant menus with dynamic displays. Share pictures from various parts of the property such as the pool, fitness center, or game room, along with hours of operation and location. 

Hospitality digital signage is also an effective way to let guests know about your rewards programs and other promotions. Use a touchscreen so they can sign up to join immediately, and offer an incentive to make sure they do. 

Get guests excited about joining any special events you may be hosting during their stay. A cloud-based content management system makes it easy to create new promotions and deploy them to one or all of your locations. Your marketing team will have fun creating fresh ideas to entice special guests — for instance, if the hotel is hosting a conference, plan and advertise special events catering to the event demographics. This might include a happy hour with a DJ by the pool, a trivia night in the game room, or a fitness challenge — the opportunities to provide curated options for your guests are limitless. 

Promote your on-site restaurants by using digital menu boards to promote new menu items or happy hour specials. Showcasing information about your restaurant or lounge in a street-facing lobby window is also a great way to entice passersby to check out your property, helping to bring in more foot traffic — and dollars. 

Provide Wayfinding Solutions for Daily Events

Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to find your hotel room while carrying heavy luggage. Or, being late to an event at a hotel because you can’t figure out where it is or how to get to it. 

Use digital signage screens for wayfinding and event management to improve the guest experience. Start by placing interactive wayfinding kiosks in the lobby, then strategically place them throughout the premises to keep guests moving. 

When it comes to events, digital signage displays with eye-catching graphics will capture attention. Use them to share event schedules and location directions. Sell digital advertising space to conference sponsors to make extra revenue off the event. 

Keep Your Guests Safe with Emergency Announcements

Most of the time, your hotel digital signage will be used for entertaining and informing, but signage can also be used as an emergency broadcast network. 

In the unfortunate event of fire, floods, or severe weather, quickly send critical instructions on what to do or where to go throughout your property. This will ensure guests and staff get notices quickly and clearly. 

Digital signs can also be used in the event that a child goes missing or a family gets separated. Simply broadcast the info and a location where everyone should meet in order to facilitate a quick, safe reunion. 


As you just read, there are many ways digital signage can be used to improve guest experiences. When you make things easy and fun for your guests, they’ll remember and want to come back. More importantly, they’ll tell their friends about their memorable stay, helping spread the word about your hotel. Want to learn more about how a digital signage implementation can help your hotel improve guest experiences? Go here for more information about ComQi’s Digital Signage Solutions for Hotels