How IoT is Reinventing Retail (Press Release)

ComQi Elevates Retail Customer Engagement Through Smart Integration With the Internet of Things

Position Paper By Global Provider of Customer Engagement Solutions Explores How IoT Drives Relevance, Efficiencies for Stores and Shoppers
New York, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2015

A new position paper by ComQi, a Customer Engagement technology firm, explores how retailers can use devices and real-time data to make their stores smart and dynamic. The paper, a free download, explains how content management technology is tapping into the Internet of Things (or IoT) to meet rising consumer demands for convenience, operational efficiencies and personalized, contextualized interactions.

Market analysts IDC recently suggested the worldwide Internet of Things market will grow 19% in 2015, led by digital signage. Infosys research backs up the importance of relevant, timely messaging, with 2014 data suggesting 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a retailer again if store offers are targeted to their interests, wants or needs.

ComQi’s paper looks at the new technologies that are entering the market, and the real value they can offer for retailers under one integrated, largely seamless platform. Sensor and analytics technologies such as Beacons, RFID, and facial pattern detection are often now being deployed as individual systems, but the real potential is in using a comprehensive command and control, data collection and reporting back-end system.

The open architecture design of ComQi’s EnGage platform pulls these disparate technologies together, streamlining operations and giving a single view and control over store intelligence and targeted, timely communications. “From day one, this is exactly what we had in mind while designing EnGage, our end-to-end SaaS Content Management platform. We give our clients the benefit of a robust scalable CMS, along with our Smart Hub technology, to move beyond smart digital signage to a smart store. Additionally, they have access to valuable real-time data that feeds analytics to create a better setting for decision making by the retailer,” says Ifti Ifhar, ComQi CEO.

Excerpt from How the Internet of Things is Reinventing Retail:
“There are huge efficiencies to be gained when devices and data can collect, present and use real-time information in meaningful, actionable ways. Retailers grow more nimble because the information and insights they need are readily available… IoT also has big implications for the in-store marketing efforts of retailers and brands. Connected devices – from POS and cameras to readers and beacons – can all help drive better, easier experiences for shoppers… Driven by live data devices and systems, an “aware” store can deliver smarter messaging on screens of any size.”

The paper includes the following as it relates to IoT for retail:

  • Market size, trends and future growth projections
  • Examples of IoT applications and their benefits
  • How ComQi’s EnGage platform uses data and triggers of IoT benefiting retailers and the providers of all store’s touch-point (sensors) technologies
  • Description of IoT layers from the physical/ infrastructure to the upper application layer

How the Internet of Things is Reinventing Retail can be downloaded or read online 

ComQi is a global provider of a cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology, EnGage, that is designed to influence consumers at the point of decision, in-store, using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, and social networks. ComQi’s mission is to deliver an end-to-end solution that is tailored to optimizing in-store messaging and support the execution of marketing strategies at the lowest total cost of ownership. ComQi’s technology supports thousands of displays around the world across hundreds of end-user customers such as Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, H&M/Weekday, Six Flags, and McDonald’s.