All About the Journey: How Retail Digital Signage Can Help Complete The Buyer’s Journey

Using Digital Signage to Improve Buyer’s Journey in Retail Settings

With the popularity of online shopping continuing to rise, brick-and-mortar stores have to raise the bar on the in-person shopping experience to attract and retain customers. From eye-catching window displays that drive potential buyers into the store, to cleverly deployed in-store digital advertising campaigns, digital signage for retail stores can drive sales and create brand loyalty. When done well, digital retail signs create a unique and memorable experience that will make customers ditch their online shopping carts to visit your store instead.

Help Engage Your Customers with Digital Signage

When a customer enjoys being in your store, they’ll stay and browse longer, which increases the chances of closing a sale. Later, that pleasant in-store experience will make them think of you first when it’s time to shop again. Digital signage for retail stores can play music videos, share tips and product information, and even use shelf edge LCD screens to engage your customers. Curate content to create a vibe that showcases your brand in a positive light and makes people want to be part of it.

Digital signs can do more than entertain, they can also provide product information in an engaging way. Interactive touchscreens with catalog information can help customers easily find what they came for — and suggest complementary products at the same time. The more creative your marketing strategy, the more fun your customers will have as they make their purchasing decision. That’s a win-win for you and them!

Improve your in-store marketing

Speaking of creative marketing strategies, retail digital signage allows you to take your in-store marketing to a new level. Digital signs using a cloud-based cms (content management system) can be updated quickly and easily, meaning you can update or change campaigns as frequently as you like. A new promotion not bringing in the sales you anticipated? Easily change the messaging or visuals to see if the new version performs better. Comqi’s Engage CMS gives you the power to update signs in one or all of your locations, so you can create extremely targeted promotions for a particular store or company-wide initiatives in just a few clicks.

Retail Signage - In-Store Marketing

Easily Deploy Unique, Targeted Campaigns 

The ability to easily create and deploy targeted campaigns allows your marketing team to get creative and continuously try new ideas. For example, you could display local weather information alongside a promo for relevant items. Is it going to be unseasonably sunny? Feature a promo encouraging shoppers to pick up a new pair of sunglasses, or sunscreen. Rain expected all week? Retail stores can run a promotion on umbrellas or raincoats, while grocery stores can merchandise the ingredients for a rainy-day meal like chili, and even display a recipe shoppers can email to themselves.

Increase Impulse Shopping

Running location-based promotions is another way to delight customers and increase sales. For instance, if your location is near an airport or public transportation depot, display live travel feeds like flight info or bus schedules alongside items that people use while traveling, such as books, earbuds, or sanitizing wipes. Clever messaging on digital displays capture attention and drive customers to make these kinds of impulse purchases.

Effective Cross-Selling

While digital displays are a great way to encourage last-minute purchases at check-out, they can also be deployed throughout a store for cross-selling purposes. Set up a promo for socks near the shoe display, gin next to the tonic water, or complementary accessories next to a best-selling dress. Create an engaging promotion that inspires customers to take action — digital retail signs can be used to create a sense of excitement or urgency by displaying low-inventory warnings or “limited time only” specials. It’s a smart way to move both overstocked or low-inventory items, and customers will appreciate the reminder to pick up other items they need.

Inspire Customer Buy-In

Capture the attention of customers in the early stages of the buyer journey by using digital signs to educate them about the company. Share your mission, philosophies, charitable contributions, and anything special about the company that might intrigue people in the awareness stage to learn more, or positively influence customers in the consideration stage. You can create product-specific messaging as well, such as informing customers about the fair-trade sourcing of a bag of coffee, or let them know that a pair of pants was made locally with high-quality material. All of this will help a customer feel informed and confident about their potential purchase.

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How Digital Signage Is Reshaping the Modern Retail Experience

Dynamic digital signage in retail stores can provide the kind of pleasurable experience that motivates people to get offline and visit in-person. Younger generations are used to digital experiences and expect that same kind of convenience and autonomy when visiting stores. Providing digital tools for wayfinding and locating items without the help of store staff is necessary to turn them into repeat customers. Luckily, with digital signage, it’s never been easier to elevate the in-store experience to delight customers, promote brand loyalty, and increase revenue.

Why ComQi?

ComQi’s Solutions Maintain High Compliance for Hardware Performance and Remote Monitoring

ComQi’s hardware solutions, combined with our cloud-based CMS, help keep you compliant from a security and performance standpoint. There’s a lot riding on your customer engagement campaigns. Our EnGage CMS network management toolsets allow you to stay one step ahead of any network issues remotely. EnGage CMS is a browser-based, cloud-hosted solution that allows you to monitor and push updates to your signage network from a single location.

ComQi’s displays can run 24/7 with 99 percent uptime, and the CMS will provide immediate feedback on any unexpected downtime. Your IT team will be able to easily identify and diagnose any network failures, disconnected media players, or screen status errors without having to visit stores. You can rely on ComQi’s comprehensive support program to keep your network up, your screens on, and your campaigns running smoothly.

We Know Digital Signage

For over two decades, ComQi has been trusted by the world’s largest brands to design, build, and manage memorable digital signage experiences. Our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way as you implement continuously fresh, eye-catching wall displays, and dynamic informational signage to bring your digital retail signs to life. Our user-friendly content management system helps you create and implement enticing digital displays to help you achieve your sales and branding goals.


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