How Retail Signage Displays Can Increase Store Revenue

Store owners are increasingly turning to retail signage displays as they value their potential to boost revenue for their businesses.  While there are many initiatives you can undertake to increase sales for your store, digital signage is among the most cost-effective strategies to trigger activities that increase cash flow for your business.

It is less expensive than marketing channels like the media, but it has enormous benefits to your business. Read on, and we will tell you about them. Let's begin by letting you know how retail signage displays are used.

How Are Retail Signage Displays Used?

Advertising and Marketing

A retail sign is perfect for meeting modern-day customers' demands for vivid colors, dynamic spaces, and relevant, individualized content. They provide information in real-time as you can update them and apply changes in the content based on the message you want to relay. 

For instance, if you run out of stock for specific items, you can delist them from your display signs and include them when you restock. You can also announce to customers when launching new products or special offers.

Store signs help you draw your potential customers' attention to items you think they will value. To make the most of your signage, prioritize items with high margins.

Attracting Customers and Increasing Foot Traffic

Informative and creative displays can attract more walk-in customers. Your signage letters, color combinations, lighting, and placement determine how well people will notice and get attracted to your business. The secret is an eye-catching digital sign with a clear and concise message.

The letters should be big and bold enough to be read from a distance. Use an artistic font type but do not let it mar the message. Investing in a valuable retail sign holder gives it a professional look and boosts its visual appeal.

The color combination gives the signage its esthetic appeal. Use contrasting colors for the fonts and background to make the message pop out. If you have a bright background, use dark fonts and vice versa. Also, ensure the signage colors do not blend with the backdrop where you will place it. 

Help Your Customers Find What They Are Looking For

Use your way-finding signage to enhance your customers' experience by directing them to find what they want. If your customers enjoy their shopping experience, they may spend more time in your store. 

They may end up picking more items than what they had planned and may become repeat customers. If you lack way-finding signs, shoppers will feel frustrated, as it takes a long time to locate what they want. They may abandon their search, making you lose the opportunity to make a sale.

What are the Types of Signage Used by Retailers?

Outdoor Signage

This is the most cost-effective way of making passers-by fix their eyeballs on your retail store. It helps customers notice your business and what you offer.

Outdoor signage helps you announce who you are and the value you can offer your prospects. You can use strategically placed entrance signs, sidewalk signs, wall mounting, MDO sandwich boards, and window decals to draw attention to your store.

Outdoor signage helps new customers locate your business. They may be in the vicinity for unrelated engagements, but if your signage triggers their curiosity, they may walk in and probably make purchases.

Informational Signage

This signage helps customers navigate your store with ease. Make them easy to read and understand. The fonts should be large and the colors visible. 

Retail Signage Promotions In-Store

Use informational signage to create a memorable in-store experience for shoppers, the same way you invest in exceptional customer service. The aim is to encourage customers to choose your store over your competitors whenever they need to shop for what you stock. Remember, you are in business to make sales, and repeat customers help you generate revenue with minimal marketing.

Accessibility Signage

Fitting rooms, restrooms, and entrance/exit signs are an example of accessibility signs used in retail stores. You can also post them on elevators and ramps to outline how to operate them or what to do if one needs assistance. 

Persuasive Signage

With this signage, you can influence customer behavior as they walk around the store. Use them to advertise specific items and publicize offers. 

Persuasive store signage is also a great way of improving customer engagement and pointing them to featured, seasonal, or new items. You can also use them to encourage clients to enroll in your loyalty program.

Does Digital Signage Increase Sales?

Using visual triggers effectively may increase your sales by up to 29.5% since attention equals opportunity.  Besides attracting more foot traffic to the store, they influence shoppers to make unplanned purchases.  

With so many items to choose from in a retail store, digital signage can help customers pick one item over the others. You can use the signage to recommend your high-margin items to increase your revenue.

You can also take advantage of shoppers' impatience by using signage such as 'favorite', 'bestseller', or 'most popular' as they denote consensus. Retail signage can also help shoppers decide to purchase by making them feel they may miss a discount if they postpone making the purchase. 

This helps shoppers who look around to determine if brick-and-mortar stores have better offers than online stores. If your store display has a 'wow effect' on your customers, they are likely to come back when they need items found in your shop. Repeat great customer experiences create loyal customers, generating constant revenue for your business.

Use Digital Signage to Increase Store Revenue

Take advantage of the significant potential of digital signage to increase revenue for your business. At ComQi, we provide effective and immersive retail digital signage solutions for all types of stores.  

Read ComQi's case studies to learn more about the benefits of retail signage in increasing revenue for your stores.