How To Showcase Your Hotel’s Amenities with Digital Signage

Ever wondered about the reason behind the rapid growth of digital signage in the hospitality industry? Well, it’s pretty simple: when it comes to the hospitality industry, guest experience is everything. 

Creating the best guest experience possible drives revenue growth, and as we transition into a technology-fuelled world, guest expectations are rising in tandem. 

For this reason, hotel chains are using digital signage to satiate their guest’s appetite for the ultimate tech-forward experience. From digital concierge stations to self-check-in kiosks, hotel owners have discovered ingenious ways of incorporating technology into their establishments, and guests love it. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through brilliant ways of showcasing hotel amenities with digital signage to improve guest experience. 

What is Hotel Digital Signage? 

Digital signage is a tool hoteliers use to engage their guests in new, exciting ways. They can be used to help guests check in, show guests waiting times, interact with guests directly, and even provide them with event schedules. 

Through interactive displays and screens, hotel owners can use digital signage solutions for video walls, touch screen menus, room boards, digital screens, guest room channels, and media players.

Ways of Showcasing Hotel Amenities with Digital Signage

1. Increase Your Marketing Touchpoints 

Digital signs are among the most impactful ways of announcing new products and services. You can also use them to showcase your existing products. Their ability to showcase new offerings with amazing video content and enticing visuals can generate buzz. Moreover, digital signage can amplify other campaign marketing efforts, such as social media marketing and traditional advertising. 

Whereas consumers may be overwhelmed by other forms of advertising and marketing, making them less likely to respond, digital signage can not only capture but also sustain their attention. Nielsen approximates that 75% of consumers can remember seeing a digital billboard over the last month. Hotels can capitalize on this to capture and engage their customers. 

The possibilities are endless: a hotel may use digital displays to showcase a new type of cuisine on their menu or share services that guests can expect after checking in.

Incorporating digital signs throughout a hotel will help create an excellent first impression—guests will perceive a hotel to be luxurious and modern. The same is true for spa facilities, restaurants, and hospitality venues. 

2. Improve Guest Experiences by Raising Awareness of Your Amenities 

When guests arrive at a hotel, they may feel rushed on a business trip or have just ended a long day of travel and want to relax immediately. One thing is always true no matter the situation that led a guest to book a hotel: they want to have an ultimate experience from the moment they set foot in your hotel. And what better way of making their wishes a reality than by sharing your amenities using digital signage. 

Here are some of the ways of raising awareness using digital signage: 

  • Give guests directions to various places in the hotel: Digital wayfinding maps and clearly labeled screens in your lobby can help visitors find their way. 
  • Showoff the property: Digital screens can display high-quality videos and photos from around the property so that guests are aware of what to expect during their stay. 
  • Use digital signage to display menus: Digital signage has revolutionized the ways bars and restaurants display their menu. Today, many restaurants use digital display menus—these menus show clear images of the items in a way that makes them look mouth-watering. Digital menu boards help guests order more quickly, reduce waiting times significantly, and deliver an optimized experience to all hotel guests. 
  • Digital signage for multilingual communication: Guests from all over the world may visit your hotels. Digital signage enhances multilingual communication. Everything from finding local restaurants, checking in, checking out, viewing event information, ordering a taxi, and more is possible in any language with digital signage software. 

3. Allow Guests to Sign Up for Additional Services from Interactive Kiosks

Digital Signage as self-service kiosks has enhanced the customer experience across the hospitality industry. It has revolutionized the hospitality industry such that all kinds of processes can be conducted speedily. Digital signage has been vital in improving the way guests order food in restaurants, schedule spa sessions, or check in and check out of hotels, all of which enhance the experience that guests have when they visit a hotel.

4. Engage Visitors with Custom Signage for Events and Conferences 

The value of custom event signage can’t be understated. It helps you provide guests with directions to the event or conference so they can easily locate the venue. 

Signs attract attention, and using custom event signage has several perks. Creative placements such as floor signs and wall clings hold the right attention. They can increase event attendance. 


Digital signage has had an immense impact on the hospitality industry. The power and value of digital signage benefit both guests and hoteliers, which is why its usage will continue to grow in restaurants, hotels, spa facilities, and other hotel businesses.Looking to enhance your guest experience with digital signage? ComQi is your go-to digital signage solutions provider. We offer best-in-class digital signage hardware and software for interactive applications. Talk to us to find out more about our solutions.