ComQi’s Cloud-based CMS Platform Allows iConnect to Scale Globally

About iConnect

iConnect Suomi Oy is a Finnish digital signage provider for multinational companies and public service organizations. Their innovative solutions using digital signage have delivered engaging experiences for enterprise-level businesses in the real estate, telecommunications, automotive, and energy industries. In 2014, iConnect finalized Finland’s largest single property digital information display implementation at Hartwall Arena.

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The Challenge

As iConnect successfully deployed its digital signage solutions, they began to run into a scaling issue. Each digital signage solution used a custom CMS, which meant that iConnect needed to support legacy projects while also managing and implementing new projects with their own CMS. Often, iConnect would end up with managing several SaaS products and microservices, creating data flow issues and complicated systems.

For this reason, iConnect decided to pursue a single, flexible CMS solution that could be used for a variety of projects and different use cases.

The Approach

iConnect and ComQi first partnered together in 2012 to serve clients globally, with a focus in the Nordics. Our ability to work closely on developing joint service processes that enable continuous ongoing service improvement made iConnect and ComQi a natural fit.

While working with iConnect and other companies, ComQi realized that it needed to create a cloud-based digital signage management system that could be deployed anywhere and accessed everywhere. This system would be designed especially for companies with a global presence, such as iConnect.

The Solution

Built using Linux, the EnGage cloud-based CMS system is designed with multiple integration points. The data feed subsystem can pull or push data from a variety of sources and publish events to devices in real-time. EnGage player’s extensive scheduling and programming capabilities enable it to perform a broad range of playback and control functions.

ComQi’s EnGage system was just what iConnect needed. Using EnGage, iConnect could now consolidate their various technologies and software and integrate them with their analytics providers on the cloud. This allowed iConnect to streamline operations with a single view of all their touchpoints.

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The Results

Because it is easy to scale to locations globally, iConnect continues to use ComQi’s EnGage Digital Signage Content Management System for its flexibility in supporting different use cases, operating environments, and business applications on several projects. With EnGage, iConnect can now expand its services to production and logistical system integrations, mobile apps, restaurant menu updates, emergency broadcasts, and customer experience consultations.

ComQi’s EnGage system was also deployed during one of iConnect’s larger projects, the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, which is the biggest event arena in Finland. Hartwall Arena hosts sporting events and concerts, and has a capacity of over 13,000 people. iConnect uses the EnGage cloud-based CMS system and 250 screens to create video walls, live streaming, entertainment, and guest guidance systems that enhance the event quality and improves guest experience.

Most recently, iConnect worked closely with Fortum, a sustainable energy solutions company, to provide a system tailored to Fortum’s business model. iConnect, using EnGage, created a user experience that wowed its stakeholders and exceeded expectations by presenting the company’s brand strategy and operating environment in an innovative and inspiring way. Fortum still uses iConnect’s digital experience.


Jaakko Väänänen

Business Director iConnect

We enjoyed the system as soon as we got our first experience with it. From the beginning, we have been proud we have been able to be a partner of ComQi.”

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