How Enterprise Businesses Can Improve Internal Communication with Digital Signage

It can be challenging to communicate important information to your employees. Emails get lost in crowded in-boxes, it’s easy to miss notifications for chat programs like Slack, and an employee enjoying their precious break time probably isn’t going to give much notice to a flyer stuck to the lunchroom wall. 

That’s where enterprise digital signage solutions can help. Bold, bright, fun dynamic digital displays capture attention, and make employees actually want to see what your signs have to say. Implementing digital displays for internal communication will ensure your messages reach their intended targets and engage employees. 

How To Use Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Implementing a digital signage system is easier than you might think. Digital signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be customized to align with your brand. They can either simply broadcast content, or feature an interactive touchscreen. With such a variety of options available, you can use digital signage for any number of internal communications initiatives.

Onboarding & Training

Digital signage is a useful tool for modernizing employee onboarding and training. Imagine that it’s your first day on the job. You walk into the lobby of your new office, and right by the door is a digital screen with your photo, bio, and a kind welcoming message. Your coworkers will see it too, and go out of their way to say hello to the newbie, making you feel warm and fuzzy about joining the company. 

Then, when it’s time to begin your onboarding, instead of thumbing through thick, boring manuals, you instead use a touchscreen display. The material is presented with bright photos and lively videos, keeping your attention and helping you retain information. From then on, future training can be accessed through the same method, and an easy-to-search guide is available in case you need to refresh your memory on a specific policy or procedure. This is the kind of modern and pleasant experience that leads to employee satisfaction. 

Improve Morale 

Enterprise digital signage is an effective tool for boosting employee morale. Employees like to feel connected and part of a team. Help them bond with their coworkers by sharing staff bios — both professional and personal —  in order for teammates to get to know each other better. Create content to highlight birthdays, staff anniversaries, and special achievements. You can even let employees submit shout-outs and accolades to other team members and share them on a special feed. 

Better Efficiency 

Digital signage can be used in numerous ways that help keep employees, and the company, working efficiently. Interactive wayfinding signs help staff and visitors get to where they are going quickly. Install signs outside conference rooms to display meeting room schedules so everyone knows what’s going on, where, and at what time. Digital signs can broadcast weather and traffic information to keep your delivery or outbound sales team apprised of any potential delays. In the unfortunate case of an emergency or natural disaster, digital signs can function as an emergency alert system to keep staff safe. 

Keep Your Employees Engaged and Informed

Digital signs are amazing tools for keeping staff informed. Not only that, but the ability to share multimedia content like photos, videos, and scrolling text will better engage employees and keep their attention longer. 

Important News & Updates

Use digital displays in common areas to share important information like staff changes, office closures, holiday hours, and more. 

Digital signage can inform employees about any external campaigns or promotions you may be offering — if they aren’t on the sales or marketing team, it’s likely they have no idea. Employees are your best source for referrals, so keep them informed about company initiatives they may want to share with their personal networks. 

This also works for internal campaigns. Let employees know about anything from staff costume contests on Halloween to a wellness campaign launching first of the year. Promoting your team building events using dynamic multimedia messaging is an easy way to build excitement and buy-in. 

Share Internal Dashboards

Keep everyone up-to-date on company success by sharing sales goals and other metrics. This demonstrates company transparency and helps employees feel invested. 

Reach a Wider Audience

Depending on the type of company, you may have many employees who don’t sit at a desk or check email very often. This could include warehouse or factory personnel, delivery drivers, or outbound sales teams who are always on the go. Keep them in the loop by putting digital signs in the parts of the office they visit most often so your messages reach a wider audience. 

Remotely Update & Manage All of Your Screens

With a cloud-based content management system like ComQi’s EnGage CMS it’s easy to create fresh content and broadcast it to one or all of your screens, in any of your company locations. The best part of using a cloud-based CMS is that your staff can create and update content from anywhere, eliminating the need to be physically in front of the screen. This saves time, money, and allows your staff to make content changes quickly and easily. 

Content creation, deployment, and reporting is all done through the cloud, making it easy to give multiple team members access to the system. User permissions can be set so everyone can only access what they need to. Another advantage of the cloud? Changes take place in real time, meaning fresh content can be deployed immediately, and messages can quickly be taken down when they are no longer relevant. 

Does your building have sketchy internet service at times? Don’t worry — with a digital signage solution, content is sent to the digital display hardware which doesn’t need any internet connection to play, only to receive updates. So even if your internet takes a break, your communications won’t. 

How Does Digital Signage Fit in Your Internal Communication Strategy?

Take a look at your internal communications plans — most likely, they can all be more effective, cheaper, and better reflect your brand image if you deploy them via digital signage. Using digital signage solutions lets you create memorable content that captures attention, informs and engages employees, and helps keep your branding on point. 

Start improving your internal communications, today. Learn more about ComQi’s corporate digital signage solutions.