Boosting Sales and Satisfaction: How ESLs Enhance the Retail Customer Journey

Despite the rise of online shopping, a survey of 6,000 consumers confirms that physical stores remain the preferred shopping venue across all age groups, including 58% of Gen Z. This highlights the unmatched value of in-store experiences in today’s retail landscape. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are innovative solutions that enhance these experiences by providing dynamic information and personalized promotions directly on the shelf.

Today, we’ll dive into how ESLs revolutionize the retail environment, catering to consumer preferences for engaging and efficient shopping experiences with ComQi’s advanced ESL solutions.

Key takeaways

  • Enhance Shopper Engagement: ESLs deliver up-to-the-minute information and deals, improving the in-store experience.
  • Drive Efficiency and Sales: Dynamic pricing and targeted upselling with ESLs streamline operations and boost revenue.
  • Increase Loyalty and Ease Checkout: ESLs ensure fast, accurate checkouts and personalized interactions, enhancing customer loyalty.
  • ComQi’s EnGage for Easy ESL Management: The EnGage platform allows seamless ESL integration, offering consistent content across all channels for a unified retail approach.

How ESLs Attract and Engage Customers

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are the silent salespeople of the retail world, capturing attention not through sound but through visual appeal and instant information. They create a store where every price tag is bright, clear, and accurate. This is the environment ESLs create, transforming shopping from a mere task into a delightful experience.

Whether showcasing the latest offer on a famous coffee brand or confirming the sale price of headphones, ESLs provide this information in real-time. This relevance and immediacy enhance the shopping journey, encouraging customers to stop, read, and interact rather than simply pass by. Essentially, ESLs have two major benefits:

  • Engagement Boost: ESLs provide detailed, up-to-date product information and promotions, turning passive browsing into active engagement.
  • Experience Enhancement: Stores with ESLs offer an immersive, informative experience, elevating the traditional shopping journey.

Ultimately, introducing ESLs often results in customers spending more time in the aisles. And that’s because these labels do more than list prices. They also include additional product details, comparisons, and promotions, allowing a brief visit to become a comprehensive exploration. This increased dwell time is a golden opportunity for retailers to deepen customer engagement and boost sales.

Furthermore, ESLs build trust and consistency. When shoppers see that the price on the shelf matches what’s at the checkout and online, it establishes a sense of reliability and credibility, making customers more likely to return.

How ESLs Influence and Convert Customers

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) directly impact consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, serving as a key tool for influencing and converting shoppers in the retail environment. By providing the flexibility to update pricing and promotions in real-time, ESLs enable retailers to implement dynamic pricing strategies effectively. 

This responsiveness to market conditions not only secures competitive pricing but also capitalizes on the psychological triggers of consumers, such as the perception of getting a deal or the fear of missing out on a limited-time offer. 

Such strategies ensure that customers feel they’re receiving maximum value for their purchases, which enhances customer satisfaction and drives immediate sales, benefiting both the consumer and the retailer’s bottom line.

The two methods driving this are:

  • Dynamic Pricing: As mentioned, ESLs can adjust prices instantly based on market conditions, ensuring competitiveness and value.
  • Cross-Selling and Upselling: Use ESLs to suggest complementary products or bundle deals at the decision point, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing basket size.

Opportunities for cross-selling and upselling are major with ESLs. Imagine a customer deciding on a snack, only to find the ESL suggesting a perfect dip to accompany it or offering a bundle deal that’s too good to pass up. This strategic placement of related products and deals enriches the shopping experience and encourages customers to make additional purchases.

It wouldn’t be strange for retailers to report a noticeable uptick in sales and revenue after implementing ESLs. For instance, special promotions displayed on ESLs can generate a sense of urgency, compelling customers to act quickly. The flexibility to adjust pricing for sales or clearance items also means that inventory moves more efficiently, reducing overhead and improving financial performance. 

That’s two major potential ESL benefits:

  • Sales Boost: Retailers could see significant revenue increases with ESLs through timely promotions and inventory management.
  • Customer Trust: Accurate pricing across channels enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Compared to traditional paper labels, the benefits of ESLs are undeniable. Paper tags, which are prone to errors and require manual updates, cannot compete with the efficiency and accuracy of ESLs. By ensuring price accuracy and reducing the need for laborious updates, ESLs enhance the customer experience and provide a significant competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced retail environment.

How ESLs Retain and Delight Customers

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) significantly enhance the retail journey, not just by attracting customers with dynamic pricing, but also by streamlining the entire shopping experience, including checkout. 

ESLs effectively address common retail challenges, from simplifying price updates to ensuring pricing accuracy, thereby reducing wait times and potential frustrations at checkout. This accuracy and efficiency contribute to a smoother, more satisfactory shopping experience for both customers and staff.

Key Benefits of ESLs in Enhancing Customer Experience:

  • Streamlined Checkout: By ensuring pricing accuracy, ESLs expedite the checkout process, significantly reducing the delays caused by price discrepancies.
  • Personalized Shopping: ESLs enable retailers to offer personalized promotions and information right at the shelf edge, tailoring the shopping experience to individual customer preferences and increasing engagement.
  • Boosting Customer Loyalty: Through dynamic pricing and tailored communications, ESLs encourage repeat visits by consistently offering value and a personalized touch, deepening the customer’s connection to the brand.
  • Encouraging Brand Advocacy: Satisfied customers are more likely to share their positive shopping experiences, turning them into brand advocates without additional marketing efforts.
  • Gathering Valuable Insights: ESLs also serve as a data source on customer behavior and preferences, allowing retailers to refine their strategies and offerings for even better customer experiences.

ESLs transform not just individual aspects of shopping but the entire customer journey, making every interaction—from entering the store to checkout—more efficient, personalized, and satisfying. This comprehensive enhancement of the shopping experience is what makes ESLs a vital tool for retailers aiming to retain customers and build a strong, loyal customer base. 

Through these improvements, ESLs are more than just a technological upgrade. They are a strategic investment in long-term customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

How ComQi Can Help You Implement ESLs

ComQi, recognized in the digital signage market, brings its expertise with advanced Easel Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) to the fore. ComQi aids businesses in smoothly incorporating ESL technology into their existing operations, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

Central to this integration is the EnGage platform, ComQi’s robust, cloud-based content management system, which is crucial for the seamless operation of Easel ESLs. EnGage ensures that retailers can easily manage and synchronize content across their ESL network, guaranteeing up-to-date pricing, promotions, and in-store and online product details. 

This coordination creates a consistent, omnichannel shopping experience that meets modern consumers’ expectations.

Distinct Advantages with ComQi:

  • Seamless ESL Integration: The EnGage platform facilitates the effortless incorporation of Easel ESLs with existing retail infrastructures, promising a straightforward transition to advanced digital labels.
  • Dynamic Content Management: With EnGage, content updates are instantaneous across all Easel ESLs, keeping pricing and promotions accurate and enhancing consumer confidence.
  • Dedicated Support: ComQi transcends the role of a technology vendor to become a partner, offering the insights and assistance needed to utilize ESLs’ capabilities fully. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth, easy transition from A to Z.

ComQi has a history of enhancing retail environments for various clients, and while the direct implementation of Easel ESLs is a more recent endeavor, the foundational technology (EnGage) and strategies have long been in place. 

The EnGage platform has been instrumental in assisting companies like Famous Footwear and Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores to overcome operational hurdles, boost customer interaction, streamline tech management, and boost profits! These successes underscore the potential of integrating EnGage with Easel ESLs to modernize retail spaces further and improve overall retail experiences.


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) boost retail experiences by offering dynamic, accurate information and enhancing customer engagement. ComQi’s integration of ESLs with its EnGage platform exemplifies how technology can streamline operations and improve the shopping journey. 
To take the first step towards transforming your retail environment and elevating your strategy, contact ComQi today for a comprehensive consultation and discover how our solutions can boost customer engagement and grow your store today!