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Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with multiple offices throughout the country, Dashing started as a small format print media company in 1989. Dashing continued to grow from a small format print service company to a large format print in 2001. In 2007, Dashing launched a creative arm of their business to deliver print media, a suite of design experiences, and marketing materials for some of the most iconic brands and businesses in Australia. Dashing is now an established business offering market-leading services in design, print production, and technology with services that have now expanded to New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Dashing partnered with ComQi after meeting in 2013 to collaborate on retail digital signage. 


The Challenge

One of Dashing’s clients is a prominent laser treatment center, Laser Clinics, with over 150 clinics throughout globally. These clinics specialize in laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, body sculpting, and cosmetic enhancement procedures. While the clinic used the latest technologies in their aesthetic treatment regimens, their customer experience started to seem dated. Previously, Dashing had great success in using lightbox displays for Laser Clinics. Lightboxes are backlit casings that can hold posters, signs, and advertising materials. Lightboxes are ideal for businesses who want to create clear and eye-catching signs or posters. While lightboxes have their uses, Dashing’s client needed a more immersive customer experience that transpired from the clinics’ storefront through the treatment rooms.

The Approach


Dashing was first introduced to ComQi in 2013 at the National Retail Federation (NRF) trade show. It was there that ComQi  presented EnGage, a cloud-based content management system (CMS) to service providers such as Dashing. As a result, Dashing realized the value of ComQi’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and set up subsequent meetings to discuss a partnership.

ComQi's Retail Digital Signage Solutions


Laser Clinics was ready to move away from lightboxes and embrace a more engaging medium to modernize their locations and engage their customers at multiple stages of their journey. To do this, they needed retail digital signage that could be customized to fit a variety of locations and a CMS to deploy content that strengthens their brand position and localized content, which would help create a more personalized experience for the customer. Dashing knows how to design engaging and personalized customer experiences thanks to their decades of work doing just that for various clients. First, however, Dashing knew they needed to partner with a retail digital signage ecosystem provider that could help see their client’s vision all the way through. Fortunately, Dashing met just the provider a few years back at the NRF Trade Show.


ComQi established Dashing as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), and certified their teams on all aspects of the ComQi solutions, software hardware, and best practices.  Once certified, Dashing was able to ensure that Laser Clinics could schedule local and national content to all their sites effortlessly without any digital signage downtime. 

The ComQi core product  EnGage and the ComQi manufactured media players were used for Dashing’s project with Laser Clinics. Engage is a powerful and scalable content management platform that can deploy scheduled content to multiple worldwide locations through a browser-based interface. EnGage provides ease of use, scalability,  remote monitoring and support without the need for additional software.  Additionally, Dashing, using the Engage CMS, is easily able to schedule content across a range of timezones and working hours from a single location - reducing man-hours spent manually programming and coordinating their retail digital signage.


Backed by the EnGage CMS, Dashing created personalized experiences for Laser Clinic’s customers. Today, visitors to Laser Clinics are greeted by dynamic digital screens that help promote details to their services, including an introduction to the medical providers to establish trust. 

Laser Clinic’s personalized experience is carried throughout the clinic, starting in the lobby where each Laser Clinics location can broadcast localized content and offers. To further personalize the customer experience, digital signage in the treatment rooms displays regimen information, the patient’s treatment team, and more help create an individualized experience from door to door.

“The ability to schedule local and national content to each store, and even down to the treatment room level is a game-changer.” -  Adrian Waugh, Group Account Director, Dashing

What’s next for ComQi and Dashing? With the Australian retail industry growing rapidly and with retailers looking at new technologies for their retail digital signage, such as facial recognition software, to create an even more personalized customer experience, chances are the two experience providers will be busy. Fortunately, ComQi’s EnGage can help run everything from behind the scenes.

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