How Digital Signage Reshapes Workplace Communications

ComQi Delivers Valuable Learnings on How Visual Messaging Boosts Operational Efficiencies While Engaging and Retaining Staff

New York, NY (October 2015): Digital signage is dramatically changing how business communicators do their jobs, and a new position paper by the engagement technology firm ComQi looks in depth at how traditional bulletin boards and posters in workplaces are being replaced by high impact visual messaging tools that boost operational efficiencies and engage staff and customers.

The free download How Digital Signage is Changing Corporate Communications gives corporate and internal communicators both an overview and ideas on how networked digital displays deliver important messaging across workplaces of all kinds, behind the scenes and in front of customers and partners.

The paper details how business communicators can use a digital content management system for:

  • KPI Performance Dashboards;
  • Workplace Safety;
  • Training;
  • Workplace Navigation;
  • Staff Messaging;
  • Motivation and Community;
  • Corporate Branding.

From the paper:

Business communicators have also been looking for ways to go beyond the basics of creating awareness, instead wanting internal communications that drive engagement with staff inspiring them, encouraging innovation, and keeping them interested. It’s expensive to recruit and hire people, and employees who feel they’re part of something, and making an impact, tend to stick around.

Digital signs do that work, and those screens are always there, on, and when done right, targeting messages by time, location and context.

ComQi works with several major corporations some with large, widely dispersed hospitality services staff to deliver a suite of on-site visual messaging solutions, going well beyond basic digital signage with options that include interactive and portable messaging.

The message from our clients is loud and clear. The need for digital signage to tackle issues regarding staff retention, training and policy compliance is critical, says Stuart Armstrong, President of ComQi. Is for this reason that we developed powerful staff functionality into EnGage, our Content Management System, to communicate, educate and motivate an organization’s staff. Now business communicators have one comprehensive digital platform solving their communication challenges across the board.

This new thought leadership paper is the latest in a series exploring the best applications of in-store and on premise digital. It can be downloaded or read online at How Digital Signage is Changing Corporate Communications.

ComQi is a global provider of cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology, EnGage, that is designed to influence consumers at the point of decision, in-store, using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, and social networks. ComQi’s mission is to deliver an end-to-end solution that is tailored to optimizing in-store messaging and support the execution of in-venue Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing strategies at the lowest total cost of ownership. ComQi’s technology supports thoughts of displays around the world across hundreds of end-user customers such as Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, H&M/Weekday, Six Flags, and McDonald’s.

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