What is a Digital Signage Platform?

Dynamic digital content has established itself as an effective way to capture your customers’ attention. This comes at a time when it seems there’s a rush towards finding solutions that make your marketing more and more customer-centric. Digital signage is a solution that delivers on this need by providing a delightful customer experience. If you are using dynamic content throughout each stage of the prospect’s journey, you need a platform that helps with managing your digital signage. 

What is a Digital Signage Platform?

Digital signage has been around for approximately a decade now and is gaining ground not only in marketing, but also in information gathering. Digital signage setups allow you to distribute, split, manipulate and control digital content within a networked multi-screen setup. Whether you are implementing within a small network with just a dozen screens or rolling out the campaign in a massive deployment that involves thousands of displays, you need a digital signage platform that can handle the ongoing management of these digital signage devices. 

Digital Display Hardware

When you think about it, digital signage has replaced a great deal of traditional print signage. Specifically, we are seeing marketing messaging in retail settings use more digital content, which similarly applies to organizations that use digital signage networks to share crucial company information.

Before you embark on an entire digital display campaign, you will need to first figure out the hardware you will need. Specifically, you need to figure out all the components that make up your digital signage network, including the screens and media devices. The latter include the best-in-class players that offer the versatility you are probably looking out for.

When choosing your digital display hardware, there are factors that you need to consider. For starters, you need to be clear on the network level you are aiming for. What’s more, you need to be specific about the placement locations you foresee for the displays. Finally, it would be best if you projected the type of content you would be showcasing on your displays. Altogether, these answers should inform the hardware size and type you go with.

ComQi’s display hardware is specifically designed for digital signage and other interactive applications. These players have been extensively tested to ensure they operate optimally regardless of the model you purchase.

Overall, if you are looking for a digital media player that is simply plug and play with enhanced connectivity, automatic content updates, and touchscreen support, get in touch to learn more about ComQi’s digital display hardware.

EnGage Cloud-Based CMS

Chances are that as an organization, you want a scalable digital signage solution that supports the management and deployment of your enterprise-wide digital signage and interactive experience from the cloud. ComQi’s EnGage CMS delivers on that as it is a cloud-based digital signage CMS platform that you can use to control thousands of remote players regardless of their physical location from a central access point. It is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, secure, and reliable platform that supports even the most complex content requirements.

The browser-based and cloud-hosted content management system requires no infrastructure or the installation of local software. This means that you only need to plug in your players, log on to the EnGage cloud-based CMS and start building the digital signage network you desire.

A neat advantage of this cloud-based CMS is that you are able to customize the entire platform into a user interface that your local staff should experience no difficulty working with. Besides, while you might be tempted to abandon the brand’s voice as you chase for greater conversion, the platform helps you maintain brand consistency, thus making it an integral part of any robust enterprise looking for better content management systems. Visit this page to learn more about ComQi’s EnGage CMS.

ComQi’s End-To-End Signage Solution

ComQi’s end-to-end signage solution is only one part of a larger ecosystem that is digital signage. This solution offers a unique approach and business model that goes beyond just being a digital media player.

At its tenets, ComQi’s end-to-end signage solution offers a consistent way for enterprises to manage their retail displays across multiple locations. Whether you have these displays at a shelf edge or they are wall-sized, this tool helps you customize these to ensure that each looks and feels unique. With just a few clicks of a button through the cloud, an enterprise should be able to engage with its customers and maximize its sales. In retrospect, what’s on offer is an immersive platform that helps your enterprise engage with prospects using relevant content. The enterprise gets to have greater control over the digital experience their customers have. With just a few clicks, it is possible to quickly update and continuously refresh wall displays, create an interactive product experience and provide localized product and promotional information. The result is a delighted customer who is more willing to be loyal to the brand.

An advantage of getting onto this platform is that you end up with a tool that can refine and meticulously phase your deployment process. Technicians on the platform should help you work out the different phases of your deployment. Specifically, they can help with discovery and network planning, content and programming preparation, the actual deployment, and finally, the live monitoring of your network’s health on an ongoing basis.In conclusion, ComQi’s digital signage can help you remain competitive in your field of business – as you’ll want to have fantastic-looking displays backed by a thoughtful content strategy.

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