What to Look For in a Digital Signage System

If you’re a decision maker in a multi-location business that is looking to scale, your marketing messaging is crucial to increasing sales with existing clients and driving new sales with new customers. As consumers grow more tech-savvy, traditional signage and marketing strategies may not be as effective.

Strategically implemented digital signage allows you to market your business while keeping pace with its ever-changing needs. As a potential user, you need to know what to look for in a digital signage system and how to leverage it effectively to drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Signage System

When shopping for a digital signage system for your multi-location business, these are the critical components to look out for:


Many businesses are currently recovering from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last thing you want is to invest in expensive digital signage software that won’t deliver the expected results. This shouldn’t mean going for a cheap solution but choosing a digital signage system that strikes a balance between cost and performance.

When shopping around for the right solution for your company, you’ll notice there are dozens of digital signage software with every bell and whistle. However, you may not need some of these fancy features that add up the cost. Therefore, choose an affordable software that provides the functionality of a high-end product. ComQi offers a range of display hardware that works with budgets of any size.

Support Hardware

The worst mistake you can make when investing in a digital signage system is failing to consider whether it comes with the necessary support hardware. Having the right hardware for your digital displays is crucial to maximize the impact your signage has on your customers. ComQi’s digital display hardware is incredibly reliable and can make sure your signage is running smoothly to communicate your message consistently and without interruptions.

Likewise, when considering installing a digital sign on your business premises or elsewhere, it’s advisable to consider where you’ll place the mounting hardware. Will it be directly on your wall or off the ceiling? Will it have a connection to nearby electrical outlets? If not, you’ll be forced to invest in an extension cable to connect your digital signs.

If you’re installing multiple digital signs, the cost of the auxiliary hardware can pile up quickly and balloon your budget. Installing a digital signage system that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and cables goes a long way in helping you cut costs.

Content Management System

In today’s digital age, there’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than investing in a digital signage system with a cloud-based CMS. That is particularly essential if you want to display captivating messages at multiple locations.

A powerful and scalable cloud-based software like the EnGage CMS can help you manage and deploy enterprise-wide digital displays and interactive experiences at your locations from a central admin console. The best part is that all this can be done with just a couple of clicks, as long as you have an internet connection.

It’s always a good idea to choose a CMS solution compatible with your business. Open-source software may link your digital signs to the underlying software, but they often need to be managed individually at each location. As a result, you may incur unnecessary expenses when you decide to change the digital signs at your business locations.

Digital Content

As most digital signage case studies will reveal, a digital sign can only be as effective as the content displayed on it. Regardless of how impressive your digital signage looks, its content will enhance the customer experience and inspire positive action. Simply put, content is the bread and butter of your digital signage system.

The videos, images, and text displayed on the digital monitors determine its effectiveness. Indeed, having all the necessary hardware is essential, but you should remember that the purpose of these components is to support and propel your content.

The content you display on your monitors should align with your branding so that the target audience easily recognizes it. For this reason, you should use digital signage providers who not only offer technical support but also help you to craft compelling content. In doing so, it will be easy to realize your marketing goals.

Ease of Use

Before digital signage systems became popular, bulletin boards were the in-thing. Updating the bulletin boards was as straightforward as printing flyers and pinning pieces of paper to them. Tech advances have made life easier, and your digital signage system should be as easy to use as the old bulletin boards.

It’s a good idea to choose digital signage software with easy-to-use animated templates that you can customize to suit your company’s branding. With such a solution, editing and publishing content will take as little as five minutes. Also, everyone should work with the templates and curate content, regardless of their technical expertise. ComQi’s EnGage content management system makes updating your signage quick and easy.


Today’s business world is highly dynamic, and your company’s needs always change. Your operations could be running on Apple based products this year, but next year, you may need to use Windows based. It’s hard to tell which platform you’ll use. As such, the digital signage software you choose shouldn’t be locked down to one operating system. Instead, it should work without hassle when you decide to switch to another operating system.

Why You Should Choose ComQi Digital Signage Solutions

ComQi is the go-to digital signage solutions provider for businesses across all industries. We supply commercial-grade display screens and easy-to-use software, besides providing custom content creation services.We want to see you grow your brand, hence our dedication to providing you with best-in-class standalone displays, digital menu boards, video walls, digital building directories, and so much more. All our customers are guaranteed lifetime technical support, so contact us today to propel your marketing campaign to a whole new level.