10 Benefits of Cloud Based Digital Signage for Your Business

If you’ve been wondering if a cloud-based digital signage solution is right for your company, consider that question answered. Not only are cloud-based signage systems more cost-efficient, convenient, and scalable than on-premise solutions (such as USB content management), it’s a whole lot easier for your staff to use. Give your team a solution built on modern technology and user-friendly design principles and they’ll be more efficient and stress-free. 

Learn about 10 benefits of cloud-based digital signage and see for yourself why this is the solution you need for your business:

10 Benefits of Cloud-Based Signage for Businesses

1. Ease of Setup

One of the advantages of a cloud-based CMS is how easy it is to set up and use. The complicated task of purchasing and setting up servers and internal networks is eliminated, saving headaches and cost. You don’t have to be an IT expert in order to manage a cloud based CMS such as our EnGage CMS.  Pre-made templates and plug-ins make designing content and integrating apps easy for even the least tech-savvy member of your team! 

2. Reduced Costs

Old-fashioned on-premise signage usually comes with a large upfront cost. Not only are you paying for printing costs, but you also have to pay for the labor costs of switching out the signs and working with your printing service. Cloud based digital signage is a much more budget-friendly fixed cost that won’t change regardless of if you have to change your signage content on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Cloud-based signage is also much more affordable than traditional digital signage. You won’t have to pay for expensive servers, high-paid IT personnel, or costly proprietary software. With cloud-based signage, software updates are free, so your digital signage will always run on the latest and greatest version.

3. Less hardware maintenance

With cloud-based digital signage, maintenance is less of a problem because there are fewer things to repair. Digital display hardware can be updated or replaced quickly and painlessly, unlike cumbersome old school digital displays. ComQi is one of the few providers who provide a cloud based content management system as well as in-field installation and servicing. While cloud-based digital signage requires less maintenance, ComQi’s customers sleep better at night knowing they know who to call in case of an issue arising. 

Additionally, with a cloud-based system, you can also troubleshoot and do updates from a computer anywhere in the world rather than having to be physically in front of your screen. 

4. Real-Time Updates

The ability to update content in real time is the benefit of cloud based digital signage software that will most excite your internal communications staff. They can quickly create new messages or promotions and deploy them to all of your digital signage or just one screen in a specific location in just a few clicks. This allows them to quickly share important updates with staff, or to change a promotion in a retail store on the fly to take advantage of a new opportunity. Real-time updates means your content will always be fresh and relevant. 

5. No On-premise Servers Needed

If you’ve ever worked somewhere that hosted their own network and server, you’ve probably experienced the massive inconvenience and lack of productivity that happens when one there is a maintenance issue. Not only do you usually need to bring in a specialist, but they can be expensive and time consuming to fix. Cloud-based digital signage means you won’t need to worry about this again. 

6. Accessible from Anywhere

The flexibility and convenience of accessing your digital signage from anywhere is a major benefit of a cloud-based system. Check network health, update content , and troubleshoot issues from wherever your staff happens to be working, eliminating the need to be physically with your signage to make an update. Content can also be created and deployed from anywhere — a huge benefit in this new era of remote work. The Engage CMS is also multi-device functional, with many users opting to use it on tablet devices while on-the-go. 

7. Better Reliability

A good cloud-based digital signage system offers impressive uptime and overall reliability. For instance, an experienced company like ComQi delivers a rate of 99% uptime. Even if the network connection should temporarily go down, content will continue to play. This means viewers will continue to enjoy engaging, dynamic content, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes, and not associate your brand with something that isn’t delivering.

8. Unlimited Scalability

Whether you are implementing your first screen or your hundredth, cloud-based digital signage makes it easy to scale. Adding more screens to your network is a cost-effective way to reach a bigger audience. After the initial implementation, your team will be pros at bringing new signs into the mix!  Plus, all screens can be accessed through the same database, giving your team the capabilities to manage all of them from one place. 

9. Easier for IT to provide Support

As we mentioned earlier, your team won’t require the specialized knowledge they’d need to manage networks and servers. ComQi’s dashboard allows users to create custom reports to view the health of your signage and quickly identify and resolve any problems. There’s also never a need to shop for and install new software — updates are automatic. ComQi offers customized levels of support tailored to your business’s needs, so if something out of the ordinary should happen, we can help you resolve it quickly. 

10. High-Level Security

Cloud-based digital signage makes it easy to assign user roles and permissions. This means that members of your staff can have as little or as much access to the  CMS components as their job requires, and passwords can be changed quickly during staff transitions, keeping everything safe from any employee misuse. While cyber hacks and breaches are a constant online threat, an experienced provider knows how to protect their servers and network. Leave worrying about security to the experts and have confidence that your data will be protected! 

Why cloud-based digital signage is right for you

So which of these 10 benefits of cloud-based digital signage resonates with you the most? Is it the cost savings, ease of use, scalability, or a little bit of each?

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If you’re ready to use cloud-based digital signage to elevate your brand while sharing your messages, learn more about ComQi’s digital signage services.