7 Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

In this highly-digital world, people are used to receiving messages that use video, music, and scrolling text to capture their attention. With this in mind, many companies are adopting digital signage to share their internal and external corporate communications. There’s more to it than just wanting to stay on-trend — digital signs are a powerful way to engage audiences while saving time and costs, and elevating brand awareness. 

Keep reading to learn seven benefits of corporate digital signage! 

#1 - Easily Schedule and Control Your Internal Communication

What if instead of having to manage multiple channels in order to ensure your internal communications finds its audience, you could do it all from one easy-to-use dashboard? Creating engaging messages and deploying them to one or more of your signs across one or more of your offices can all be done easily in one place, using intuitive tools that don’t require a degree in programming or graphic design.

Digital signage gives you the flexibility to plan your campaigns months in advance, or share urgent communications on the fly, in a dynamic way that employees are sure to notice.

#2 - Increase Employee Engagement

Before you can engage your teams, you first need to capture their attention. Your staff will walk right past yet another paper flyer pinned to the break room bulletin board, and they might not open your all-staff emails with any sense of urgency.

So how do you break through the visual noise and distractions to ensure they are engaging with the information you need to share? Give it to them via a bright, fun, dynamic digital display. When your message contains eye-catching multimedia, your team will take notice and your employee communications goals will have a better chance for success.

#3 - Build Brand Awareness

Building a cohesive and recognizable brand is important both internally and externally. Help visitors to your office get where they are going with digital wayfinding signs, and then provide screens with infotainment to keep them pleasantly occupied while they wait.

Share company goals, mission, charitable initiatives, and achievements with both employees and visitors alike to help keep everyone up-to-date on all the things that make your company and brand special.

#4 - Save Money by Reducing Printing Costs

Why is ink so expensive, exactly? That’s a mystery for another day — all we know is that the cost of printing signage on a regular basis can be outrageous. Printing new signs every time you want to share company updates, or freshen faded or torn signage, can take a big bite out of your budget. Not only that, but it’s becoming increasingly more important for brands to demonstrate that they participate in environmentally-friendly practices. Save both costs and trees by using digital signage to share your corporate messaging. 

You can also use digital signage to display QR codes for employees to scan rather than printing brochures or flyers. Your employees can quickly scan the code to access important information, event details, or links to your website.

#5 - Manage Meeting Room Bookings

Digital signs make meeting room management simple. Install digital signs outside the conference rooms and use booking software APIs to automatically list the various bookings for the day. Employees will always know they are in the right place when they show up for a meeting, as well as see when a room is free in case they need to reserve on short notice.

Depending on how you set up your signage, employees may book a room right there on the touchscreen, or integrate with your company’s preferred calendar software — or both! Making meeting room booking easy is a convenience your employees will appreciate. 

#6 - Make announcements to keep employees informed

Whether you are sharing internal communications like human resource updates and sales goals, or helpful information like traffic and weather information, digital signage screens can amplify your message.

While dynamic digital displays are great for announcements and updates, they can also be used to improve employee morale. Share team photos, invites to team building events, health and wellness challenges, and kudos for special achievements. This kind of fun, personal content will have employees regularly checking to see what’s new.

#7 - Use Dashboards for status monitoring

Using corporate digital signage with a cloud-based content management system makes it easy to update and deploy your communication campaigns. With the ComQi digital signage solution, you’ll also have access to an easy-to-read dashboard to monitor the status of your campaigns and the health of your signage network. Quickly access reports and the information you need to make sure everything is running perfectly.

ComQi’s EnGage CMS can quickly integrate data from services like Tableau using APIs. This makes it easy to integrate third-party data into your dashboards and digital displays from the services you already use. This will keep your dashboards up and running without the need to learn new dashboard or reporting software.

How digital signage can help your company

If you are looking to communicate more effectively with employees, increase brand awareness, improve efficiencies for your communications team, or save money, digital signage for corporate environments can help you achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Learn More About ComQi’s Corporate Digital Signage Solutions and how they can help your company, today.