ComQi’s EnGage is an industrial-strength yet easy to use digital signage CMS . It is a content planning, distribution and management platform built on a decade of industry experience and technologies. It provides an unparalleled breadth of functionality necessary to deliver the right message, at the right screen and the right time.

EnGage is a true cloud-based platform that is entirely web-based. It has an open architecture and the industry’s most intelligent content management engine. It empowers users to create and manage content, while also enabling them to analyze their network with a minimum strain on time and human resources.

EnGage is a scale-able solution. It makes complicated tasks simple at the lowest cost of ownership.  And it allows users to efficiently orchestrate any content experience for their audiences.


OnSite is the perfect solution to empower your users to create customized messages. It has a simple easy to use sit-down web-based interface. Authorized users, local to a site, can quickly and easily create and publish local content. Thus, communicating a wide range of relevant messages to their patrons.

OnSite is being used by 1,000s to create cafeteria menus, celebrate local achievements or make local announcements about weather. It can also be used to motivate and train their staff. In short, OnSite gives local users a powerful sense of ownership and adds value to your digital signage network.


The EnGage CMS platform provides an extensive array of work-flow and data integration capabilities.

Work Flow Capabilities

Users, roles and access functionality in EnGage enable the creation and management of users and user permissions for an account. These capabilities range from full administrative access to focused access for content creators, managers or approvers. Further, it is supported with a notification system that sends out role-specific messages. A notification can be sent out to the right user when an applicable event occurs within the system. Events such as such as “site added”, “content ready for approval” or “player going off line” all trigger notifications.

Data Integration Capabilities

EnGage is equipped with full web-service open API that allows for machine-to- machine data feed integration and scheduled content fetchers. The server provides two APIs, SOAP and REST which provide access to both content and network entities. The platforms’ notification capabilities can also invoke external web services in response to system events.

By using these capabilities together, it is possible to support a close integration with external systems. The EnGage player’s extensive scheduling and programming capabilities enable it to perform a broad range of playback and control functions within the store. It can also be configured to support a RESTful API. So data and events can be sent to the device in real-time.


Collecting accurate data and then converting that data to insights is the core of any modern business. ComQi EnGage platform can pinpoint your content to ensure that your message gets to the right person at the right time. Also, it can provide accurate reporting on when, why, and how your message was delivered.

EnGage can link to internal data systems such as Point of Sale, Loyalty Cards, CRM and inventory data. Thus enabling the creation of compelling and relevant offers based on enterprise data.