How Digital Signage Drives Revenue for Hospitality Businesses

Customer experience and satisfaction play a significant role in finding success in the hospitality industry. Digital signage can elevate customer experience and give your hospitality business a competitive edge. Here is how digital signage can drive revenue for your hospitality business:

How Digital Signage Can Drive Revenue for Your Hospitality Business

Speed Up Check-In and Check-Out Process with Interactive Kiosks

Guests’ perception is everything in the hospitality industry. It can influence their decisions to return to your establishment or not, the next time they are traveling. Interactive kiosks are an excellent way of creating a first impression. These can speed up processes like check-in, check-out, and food and drink orders.

You can wow your visitors with video walls and digital signage while giving your establishment a modern and luxurious look.

Use digital signage to display customized messages to welcome guests to give them a personalized appeal. This works well with conference and workshop attendees and those visiting in groups.

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Promote Your Current Packages and Specials

Short video clips displayed on your information screen are an excellent way of letting guests know what extra amenities you have and the activities they can enjoy around your hotel or resort. Guests may use your spa or massage parlor if they watch a video showing the treatments and services you offer. 

You can also use digital signage to drive revenue by promoting in-house activities like game drives, sporting competitions, and activities like wine tastings. Update your visitors about upcoming exclusive events for them to schedule their activities accordingly.

Your visitors’ overall experience depends on more than what you offer in your business. It also depends on what they can find and do in the neighborhood. Display information about local attraction sites and activities that may interest guests.

If visitors have options to occupy their time, they may prolong their stay in your hotel or restaurant and use your other facilities more often. Attractive scenery, landmarks, festivals, and historical sites around your establishment may lure visitors to come back or recommend your business to others. 

Market Your On-Premise Restaurants and Shopping

Your guests are more likely to make unplanned purchases if they see what you are offering on your display screens. For instance, digital menu boards for your on-premise restaurants can influence guests to make more orders.

They are easier to update to show what is on offer at different times of day, helping guests try out new foods and drinks on the menu. You can also increase sales for other products like conference facilities and exclusive VIP suites if you let visitors know they are available. 

For instance, if you have visitors coming in for lunch, you can market your conferencing, accommodation, or sporting facilities to them. You can also promptly inform guests about new offers and discounts to increase your sales and revenue. 

Sell Advertising as an Alternative Profit Stream

Other businesses may want to advertise their products and services to your guests. For instance, transport service providers, restaurants, shopping malls, and other organizations can pay to advertise on your digital signage displays.

Some businesses can sponsor events in your hotel in exchange for marketing space in your digital display screens. If businesses sponsor your menu, you can allocate them space on the digital menu display alongside the menu for the agreed time. 

Ads displayed on the screens should align with your customer experience policy. They should help enhance the customer experience for your customers. You should, therefore, vet the businesses you allow to display to ensure they are credible and offer high-quality products and services.

Share Positive Online Reviews about Your Business

Online reviews are as powerful as word of mouth in marketing your business. They can drive new customers to your organization and increase your revenue from repeat, loyal customers.

User reviews shorten customers’ decision-making process. They influence customers’ buying decisions as they offer information clients look for to determine if a product or service suits them or not.

Displaying online reviews and testimonials on your digital signage builds customer trust in your business and strengthens your relationship with your customers. They also give your organization credibility that may influence new visitors to determine if they should use your products. For instance, reviews about your room services may help a patron decide to book accommodation in your facility.

Displaying positive online reviews on screens in your hospitality business also boosts your brand awareness. Some guests learn about your products and amenities when they see those reviews.


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