From Beyond Pricing: Leveraging ESLs for Dynamic Promotions and Marketing

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) have evolved beyond their basic function as digital price tags. They now play a crucial role in creating immersive in-store experiences and driving sales, effectively addressing the challenges posed by static advertising and limited marketing adaptability. Recent trends point to a rapid surge in ESL adoption, with the market expected to expand by hundreds of millions by 2028, signaling a transition to more dynamic and agile retail settings. So traditional paper labels, known for their lack of flexibility and considerable financial and environmental costs, are swiftly becoming obsolete.

In this post, we’ll explore how modern ESL solutions, equipped with features like personalized promotions and QR code integration, set new standards in personalized marketing and customer engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • ESLs use customer data to provide tailored promotions, which enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and sales and help retailers differentiate themselves.
  • Through the integration of QR codes, ESLs provide customers with in-depth product information, elevating engagement and seamlessly merging online and in-store shopping experiences.
  • ESLs enhance the shopping experience through personalized journeys. They leverage technologies such as facial recognition to build emotional connections and elevate customer interactions into memorable experiences.

ESLs can display targeted promotions based on customer behavior and preferences

When you browse in a store equipped with ESLs, each promotion seems custom-made for you. These labels assess your buying patterns, loyalty level, and whereabouts to provide offers that resonate with your shopping tendencies. For example, a frequent buyer of soft drinks may receive a discount on a bottle of soda or information about upcoming releases from their preferred brand. 

This level of targeting can increase customer satisfaction and sales while keeping customers more engaged with the store’s offerings. Here’s why else this feature can benefit your business:

  • Personalization at Its Best: ESLs craft offers based on individual customer data, ensuring that each promotion is relevant. Whether a discount on your favorite snack or a bundle deal on related products, these labels make every offer seem like it was created with you in mind.
  • Benefits for Both Customers and Retailers: This personalized approach makes shoppers feel valued and translates to tangible benefits for retailers. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty lead to increased sales and margins, akin to providing a personal shopper experience to every customer without the associated costs.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Imagine being offered a discount on salsa as you reach for a bag of chips, thanks to ESLs analyzing your purchase patterns. This level of personalization not only boosts sales but also significantly enhances the shopping experience, encouraging repeat visits.
  • Standing Out in a Competitive Market: In today’s fast-paced retail environment, where consumers can effortlessly switch between online and in-store shopping, ESLs offer a unique advantage. By providing customized, real-time deals, retailers can create a compelling in-store experience that encourages customers to stay longer and engage more deeply with the brand.

Using ESLs to show targeted promotions based on customer data is a powerful tool for retailers looking to boost customer engagement and loyalty. By doing this, they go beyond meeting customer expectations, creating a shopping environment where personalized attention strengthens the bond between consumer and brand. 

ESLs Can Display QR Codes That Link to Additional Information and Content

Electronic Shelf Labels enhance the shopping journey by incorporating QR codes. With a simple smartphone scan, shoppers can conveniently retrieve product details. These QR-enabled ESLs elevate the shopping experience, providing essential information like descriptions, reviews, videos, and social content.

This integration of online and in-store experiences increases sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Here are some more specific benefits to consider:

  • Unlock In-depth Product Insights: Integrating QR codes into ESLs provides customers instant access to a wide array of information, mimicking the depth of online shopping research in the physical store environment.
  • Boost Engagement and Education: Scanning a QR code can turn a routine shopping trip into an informative session where customers learn more about the products, contributing to a more educated purchase decision. This process not only builds trust but also significantly enhances the in-store experience.
  • Drive Digital Traffic: ESLs with QR codes effectively drive traffic to the retailer’s online platforms by linking to digital content. This strategy enriches the customer’s engagement with the brand across multiple channels and strengthens the retailer’s digital presence.
  • Bridge Digital and Physical Shopping: QR codes on ESLs seamlessly connect online and in-store experiences, ensuring a comprehensive omnichannel journey. This cohesive approach aligns with modern shoppers’ expectations for a unified shopping experience regardless of the channel.

By incorporating QR codes, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) give retailers a distinctive chance to offer customers a more enriched, interactive, and informative shopping journey. This functionality not only equips retailers to meet the changing expectations of today’s technology-savvy consumers but also distinguishes them in a competitive market. 


To wrap up, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are transforming the retail landscape. Beyond updating pricing, they empower dynamic promotions and craft personalized shopping experiences that enhance in-store engagement and sales. Through targeted promotions, QR codes linking to additional content, and personalized messages, ESLs offer a multifaceted approach to modern retail challenges. 

To get started, we invite you to explore the potential of ESLs for your retail operations. Or, you can Contact ComQi for more information, request a demo, or start integrating ESLs into your stores immediately. Your journey toward a more engaging, personalized, and efficient retail environment starts with us today!