Using Corporate Digital Signage to Increase Employee Engagement

Digital media has officially taken over, and it’s here to stay. From automated emails to using social media platforms for marketing, digital spaces are holding the reins to how we socialize and function as a society. In the corporate world, cloud-based digital signage can directly improve the workspace by boosting engagement through accessible, attention-grabbing communication. 

Let’s look at a few of the many ways you can utilize digital signage to increase and improve employee engagement.

Directly Communicate Announcements and Publish Special Events

It’s easy to send out an email or a text that lets the office know a major event is coming up, and sometimes it’s effective. However, those messages often get overlooked or forgotten about and buried underneath the workload of the week. With digital signage, you can carefully communicate important announcements about meetings, training, and even fun events. 

In corporate, digital signage is a great way to tie business-oriented communication with excitement. Digital media allows you to present a multitude of accessible, attention-grabbing messages in a convenient and noticeable way.

For example, you can use digital signage to highlight employees that are going above and beyond when it comes to productivity, or you can put out an announcement about an upcoming Christmas (or other holidays) party to ensure everyone knows. Thinking of hosting a competition with some great giveaways to boost everyone’s productivity? You can use digital signage for that too! 

With digital signage, you can place your content anywhere to ensure the message you want to share is seen. Popular digital signage options include kiosks in communal spaces, LED video walls in the entryway, touch screens, and interactive signage in break rooms – the list goes on and on. Digital signage gives you complete convenience to spread the word while giving you full control over how you do it. 

Use Digital Signage to Make Stronger Connections with Employees

Positive engagement with employees is essential in the workspace. Creating an environment where employees not only feel valued but want to participate in events and feel recognized for their hard work can drastically improve productivity. Corporate digital signage is a great way to strengthen that sense of teamwork and really connect with your employees. 

Easy ways to use digital signage to improve engagement and build strong connections include:

  • Sharing employee profiles (their department, fun facts about them, achievements, etc) to create personal connections between everyone.
  • Promoting employee ideas (management approved).
  • Broadcast encouragement surrounding health and wellness (safety tips, vouchers for food, etc).
  • Highlight company milestones and achievements (be sure to recognize those that helped bring the milestone to fruition).

Digital signage is a great way to bond with employees and improve retention. While you can shine the spotlight on their great work at any given time of the year, it comes in handy a lot during the holidays. You can use the media to share some holiday joy by reminding them of benefits, sharing news about a holiday dinner/meal you’d like to treat them to, and simply saying thank you for all of their hard work. 

Provide Transparent, Real-Time Space for Feedback and Open Conversations

An easy way to find out where you have room for improvement as a business is by being open to feedback. With corporate digital signage, interactive content allows you to show that you’re receptive. It makes employees feel heard in their concerns and opens the door for genuine discussions on how to improve the workspace as well as business flow. 

For example, you may have just rolled out a new program or updated the process for completing a task. Using digital signage, you can alert employees that they need to take additional training for this process, and then a few weeks into the transition, you can ask for their opinions on whether they believe it’s improved their ability to efficiently complete the task or ask for feedback in that general ballpark. The neat thing is that you can set up the media to allow employees to have complete anonymity if you’d like, which could encourage them to be more open with their answers and ultimately provide you with more authentic responses.

Through the use of digital signage, you’re actively giving employees a proper outlet that invites them to share their thoughts and it even gives you the chance to possibly learn about great ideas. It’s a win-win situation. By using digital signage to communicate, you can boost employee visibility and strengthen the bond between employees simply by giving them the knowledge that they’re being heard. 

ComQi’s Digital Signage Solutions in the Corporate World

With ComQi’s full-scale service and support, we’re helping you take your digital signage to the next level. Choose between easy-to-edit templates or opt-in for fully customizable branding. With ComQi’s EnGage Content Management System (CMS), you have full control over the ways your signage makes an impact. 

From the initial setup to rolling things out and beyond, we’ve got your back when it comes to

  • Service and Installation
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Content Production and Management

ComQi’s cloud-based programming allows you to remotely access the media you’re sharing at any given time. You can update, alter, and share important content with the click of a button. Choose when and how you provide employees with updates on training, onboarding, and more. 

Know of a promotion or have an event coming up that you want to get the word out on? ComQi’s programming allows you to schedule media ahead of time to ensure it’s seen across the board at multiple locations. This saves you time, prevents you from feeling rushed, and eliminates the need to physically change out displays. 

Additionally, with remotely controlled digital signage, you can share multi-slide media with ease. Share more while reducing the time and stress behind creating and displaying content. Curious about how ComQi can help you increase employee engagement directly? Let’s talk and discuss your corporate needs.