Digital Signage and ESL: Tailored Solutions for Large Retailers

In today’s competitive retail landscape, standing out is vital. Businesses like yours aim to captivate customers while maximizing operational efficiency. However, scaling digital signage across various locations, ensuring brand consistency, and the high costs of updating and maintaining traditional signage present tangible challenges. 

At ComQi, we’ve tailored our advanced digital signage solutions—EnGage, Quick Messenger, and Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL)—to tackle these issues head-on. In this article, we’ll delve into how our tools can effectively meet your retail needs, propelling your business toward greater success.

Key Takeaways

  • EnGage ensures consistent branding across outlets, streamlining scaling challenges in the retail landscape.
  • Quick Messenger allows for timely engagement, optimizing both customer and employee interactions.
  • Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) modernizes in-store pricing, providing enriched product details directly on the shelf, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Digital Signage is an established part of retail communications.  It is the most effective platform for direct contact with your customer to drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

EnGage: Seamless Scaling and Brand Consistency

With its many physical stores and ever-evolving demands, the retail landscape poses a unique challenge: how does one maintain consistent messaging and branding across different outlets? The answer lies in leveraging advanced digital signage solutions.

ComQi’s EnGage, a state-of-the-art Linux-based digital signage Content Management System (CMS), is specifically designed to address this challenge. For one thing, it seamlessly integrates with pre-existing screens and hardware. Moreover, its adaptability is unmatched as EnGage can handle every visual medium in retail, be it single LCDs, extensive menu boards, vibrant LED installs, or Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL). In essence, it’s a unified platform that powers an entire gamut of visual retail devices. Let’s consider EnGage’s key features and benefits:

  • Centralized Content Management: You can achieve uniform branding across all your stores by managing and updating content from one central hub.
  • Scalability: Effortlessly cater to multiple locations with our system, removing the need for you to handle individual outlet updates.
  • Dynamic Content and Interactivity: You can elevate the customer experience in your stores with interactive displays that adjust in real-time to current needs and trends.
  • In-depth Analytics: Dive deep into your content’s performance and use these valuable insights to inform your decision-making.
  • Third-party Integration: You have the flexibility to expand your system’s capabilities by integrating with other platforms seamlessly.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Maximize your budget by leveraging your existing hardware, saving you from constant new installations.

EnGage in Action: Famous Footwear’s Digital Odyssey

When a renowned national brand like Famous Footwear, with its extensive network of over a thousand storefronts, was scouting for a reliable digital signage solution, it found its match in ComQi’s EnGage. The objective was clear: to carve a niche in the bustling streets of Manhattan, known for its competitive retail milieu. Delivering on this vision, ComQi fashioned an eye-catching video wall for Famous Footwear, comprising 51 displays that graced their street-facing window. In 2021 ComQi further enhanced the flagship location with an impressive array of all LED street facing displays.

But that was just the beginning. Capitalizing on the capabilities of the EnGage platform, Famous Footwear transitioned from traditional print-centric displays to dynamic, immersive digital interfaces. A case in point is their introduction of ‘Trend Fixtures’, 65-inch screens showcasing the latest footwear fashion, amalgamating high-definition videos and real-time content.

The prowess of the EnGage CMS empowered Famous Footwear to manage content for innumerable remote media players centrally. This facilitated content tailoring based on local preferences and stock and assured a harmonized yet bespoke shopping ambiance across all outlets. 

The metrics were telling: stores with the ‘Trend Fixture’ solution witnessed a foot traffic surge of 5.7% compared to their counterparts. Additionally, their video walls recorded impressive customer engagement, and the merchandise spotlighted on ‘Trend Fixture’ screens enjoyed an elevated sell-through rate.

This successful collaboration between Famous Footwear and ComQi attests to the transformative potential of EnGage. For retailers aiming to ascend their branding ladder and captivate customers, EnGage stands out as the digital signage solution of choice.

Are you ready to redefine your retail narrative? Request a demo of EnGage today.

Quick Messenger: Streamlining Retail Communication

In a retail setting, the right message at the right moment can significantly influence decisions. While expansive digital solutions like EnGage cater to a broader strategy, there’s an acute need for on-the-spot, direct communication. This is where Quick Messenger shines. It allows for quick, simple, and safe messaging when you need it. Here’s a few quick highlights of it:

  • Instant Messaging: Seamlessly displays critical messages, keeping staff and customers informed.
  • Templates and Scheduling: Craft and plan your messages effortlessly, ensuring timely delivery.
  • Security and Compliance: Operate confidently, knowing your communications are secure and compliant.

For moments that demand swift communication, Quick Messenger is a great go-to tool. You’ll love its simplicity and ease of use. To see it in action, you can simply head over here to check Quick Messenger out today.

Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL)

In an ever-changing retail landscape, swift adaptability in pricing and comprehensive product information are cornerstones for sales growth and enhanced customer satisfaction. ComQi’s ESL stands at the forefront of all this, seamlessly combining technological advances with pragmatic retail needs.

ESL offers a transformative approach to in-store pricing. Instead of conventional paper tags, digital labels become the new norm, delivering versatility and real-time adaptability. Combined, these factors can boost retail sales and in-store efficiency. Going further, there are many benefits to using ESL:

  1. Adaptability in Real-Time: Between all the retail promotions, seasonal sales, and rapid price adjustments, ESL provides the agility to update every shelf across multiple store locations instantly. This real-time accuracy eliminates pricing discrepancies, enhancing shopper trust.
  2. Rich Product Details for the Informed Shopper: Today’s consumers crave comprehensive information. With ESL’s digital capabilities, a simple scan of a shelf label’s QR code can unveil in-depth product reviews or highlight a current promotion. This places vital information directly at the point of decision, enhancing the shopping experience.
  3. Seamless Inventory Management: Erratic stock levels can deter sales and taint the shopping experience. ESL’s integration with Point Of Sale (POS) systems delivers real-time inventory insights, paving the way for efficient restocking and optimized inventory control.
  4. Cost and Time Efficiency: While the direct savings from eradicating paper and print costs are evident, ESL brings another layer of efficiency. Automating price updates, especially during sales or promotions, dramatically reduces manual labor previously invested in tag replacements, translating to notable long-term operational savings.

ESL and Shaping Consumer Perceptions

ESL’s clear benefits extend beyond just the tangible, impacting customer perceptions and behaviors. A recent study illustrates this. It found that by using ESL to match in-store pricing with online information, sales in specific categories increased. Interestingly, this revenue boost came without additional foot traffic, suggesting it enhanced the buying intent of existing shoppers.

Such findings hint at ESL’s role in potentially curbing “showrooming” – a trend where consumers scout products in physical outlets only to purchase them online, lured by lower prices. Using ESL to match in-store prices and product details with online listings helps reassure customers they’re getting the same value in-store, plus the added benefit of physically seeing and feeling products. By bringing e-commerce features like ESL into physical stores, retailers bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping, meeting the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Using ESL, retailers can fine-tune their pricing strategies and create richer, more informative shopping environments. To see how ESL can transform your store’s pricing approach and promotions, explore our cloud-based digital signage solution further.

Why Retail Digital Signage is More Crucial Than Ever 

As the retail landscape continuously evolves, digital signage stands out as the bridge between technology and enhanced customer engagement. Looking ahead, here are key trends in digital signage that showcase its rising importance:

  1. Sustainability and Eco-conscious Signage: As the world grows more eco-conscious, retailers are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Future digital signage solutions may emphasize low energy consumption, recyclable materials, and other green initiatives. This not only reduces a store’s carbon footprint but also appeals to a growing demographic of eco-conscious consumers.
  2. IoT-Driven Signage for Smart Engagement: Leveraging IoT devices, like sensors and cameras, digital signage can now display real-time, context-aware content. For businesses, this means clearer, more relevant messaging for visitors. In airports, for instance, sensors can automatically adjust wayfinding based on crowd movement, streamlining flow. This smart integration not only enhances visitor experience but also maximizes operational efficiency for businesses.

The emerging trends in retail signify a shift where digital signage becomes essential, not just supplementary. The focus is evolving from merely showcasing content to creating engaging, adaptable, and immersive interactions for customers. As these advancements approach, collaborating with experts like ComQi can provide retailers with the guidance and tools to effectively adapt.

Conclusion: Charting the Future of Retail with ComQi

Navigating today’s retail challenges demands robust, tailored solutions. With ComQi’s offerings—EnGage for consistent branding, Quick Messenger for real-time communication, and ESL for innovative pricing—retailers have the tools to thrive. Elevate your retail operations and customer experience with ComQi’s digital signage solutions. Ready to lead in the retail evolution? Contact us today to get started!