Why Use Healthcare Digital Signage to Improve Patient Experiences

Every patient appreciates an upgraded, engaging healthcare facility with an enhanced atmosphere and appearance. Digital signage is a simple and cost-effective way to create a safer, more engaging and more productive healthcare environment. Here is why you should use healthcare digital signage to improve your patient experiences:

Speed Up Patient Intake with Interactive Kiosks

Self-serving interactive kiosks can significantly reduce waiting time and provide critical information to patients. You can know when the doctor is available, book appointments, and share feedback on healthcare digital signage interactive kiosks.

With interactive kiosks, you reduce long queues from your waiting bays and minimize crowding that may put patients at the risk of spreading illness. The interactive kiosks also increase accuracy as patients input their own details into your healthcare records.

Reduce Perceived Wait Time with Waiting Room Signage

Patient waiting room experiences can significantly impact patients’ satisfaction. Even if digital signage doesn’t drastically reduce waiting times, engaging content on your signs can reduce perceived wait times by entertaining and informing patients. 

Video is one of the simplest ways to engage patients waiting to see the doctor or dentist. The videos could carry entertaining, educational, or instructional content to make their waiting time more bearable.

Your waiting room signage reduces patients’ anxiety as they wait for their turn to see the doctor. Some may be uncertain about the diagnoses they will get for their discomforts, while others may be anxious about the affordability of their treatment. Help them relax by offering high-quality content to reduce their nervousness.

The waiting room signage may also indicate the doctor and staff on duty bios. Patients feel more at ease when they know who will attend to them as opposed to when they are waiting to see a stranger.

Waiting room signage also helps with queuing as the system streamlines the categorization and organization of registered patients to determine the specialist to send them to. When you display appointment schedules, you help patients know when they will be seeing the doctor. 

They may decide to wait elsewhere to avoid congesting the waiting bay. The patients know they will not be skipped on the queue even if they have to step out shortly.

Your waiting room signage guides patients on the documents they need before entering the consultation room.

Share New Health Information and Statistics

Patients appreciate educational and informative healthcare content while queuing to see a doctor. The information may be related to healthy living, tips for managing a health condition, a new treatment procedure, or updates on healthcare insurance policies.

You may align the content on your healthcare digital signage to special events and promotional news such as breast cancer awareness month, mental health awareness events, and Covid-19 statistics. You can also share updates on upcoming events, promotions, and services.

Ensure the healthcare information you display is accurate and up-to-date to avoid misleading patients. Use a cloud-based content management system (CMS) to help you update and edit your healthcare digital signage content more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

You can also customize the healthcare information you share with different patients. If you have patients with different ailments visiting different sections of the healthcare facility, display the most relevant information to each group rather than have a common message playing on all screens across the hospital.

The information should have enough visual effects to make it interesting and easy to understand. However, avoid sharing graphical content that may be disturbing to patients. 

In addition, the content should be age-appropriate so that sections attending to children have healthcare content specific to younger patients. Consider displaying content that caters to the needs of patients with disabilities, such as providing content with sign language interpreters for those with hearing impairment. Work with a reliable CMS provider for the best content and content management practices.

Create Connection with Your Healthcare Practice Staff

Healthcare digital signage is an excellent way of enhancing internal communication in your healthcare facility. You can provide real-time updates to health workers to fill information gaps that may exist between your patients, staff, and visitors.

You can post departmental alerts, meetings announcements, upcoming alerts, and upcoming events on strategically positioned display screens for employees to access the information effectively. You can easily share information on emergency alerts, task reminders, changes in shifts, and emergency duty calls.

Digital signage speeds up diagnosis. Hospital staff do not have to navigate rooms and records as they can share vital information on digital display screens to help them in quick decision-making. CT scans, medical images, and X-rays can be shared among specialists more effectively and efficiently for more accurate interpretation and diagnosis.

You can also use healthcare digital signage to categorize outpatients, especially in a crisis. Display information about patients’ injury severity, blood groups, treatment queues, and the teams assigned to specific patients.


Healthcare digital signage is significant in determining patients’ experience and connecting you with your healthcare employees. You can use your digital signage to speed up patients’ intake by introducing self-serving interactive kiosks that provide more accurate patient data. They also reduce congestion in hospital waiting rooms as patients can tell when they are expected in the doctor’s room.

Digital signage reduces patients’ anxiety as they wait for their appointment time. The signage offers entertainment, educative and instructional content that makes waiting time more bearable.

With digital signage, you can communicate with employees faster and share emergency updates in real-time. Digital signage also enhances accuracy in interpretation and diagnosis of patients’ conditions as specialists can share information without navigating through records and rooms.ComQi is experienced with professional healthcare digital signage and content management systems.

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